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Light Zone City

Light Planning in the Urban Context

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The City as an Outside Interior 8 Beautification of the City 24 Public Lighting 34 Designing with Light 50 The Illumination of Buildings 68 Case Studies 90 Brandenburger Tor, Berlin 92 / Somerset House, London 94 / Cathedral Basilica of Sint Jan,'s Hertogenbosch 96 / Colosseum, Rome 98/ Ostend 100/Bridges 104/Use of Colour no Light Pollution 114 Maintenance 124 5 Foreword Light in the city is necessary for orientation. Lighting makes it p- rules have been devised so as to avoid an excess of such light. sible to distinguish streets, paths and parks, and allows users of public A master plan for the lighting of a certain area is preferable to spaces to see each other. The illumination of buildings, the lighting individual designs that are aimed at one feature without taking the of objects and of green spots in the city can also serve to beautify the surroundings into account. A good master plan is tailored to the surroundings, providing it is done well. individual character of the environment and creates coherence in The use of the incandescent lamp in the public environment has the nighttime appearance of the place. The city at night is different now had its day. The development of new light sources and accom- from the city during the daytime. The daytime atmosphere cannot panying luminaires has greatly increased our possibilities. Public be imitated.


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