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Complement and Kidney Disease

  • Peter F. Zipfel

Part of the Progress in Inflammation Research book series (PIR)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Momir Macanovic, Peter Lachmann
    Pages 1-18
  3. Wuding Zhou, Steven H. Sacks
    Pages 19-35
  4. Stefan P. Berger, Tom W.L. Groeneveld, Anja Roos, Mohamed R. Daha
    Pages 37-47
  5. Joshua M. Thurman, V. Michael Holers
    Pages 49-63
  6. Marina Noris1, Giuseppe Remuzzi
    Pages 65-83
  7. Christine Skerka, Mihály Józsi
    Pages 85-109
  8. Timothy H.J. Goodship, Véronique Frémeaux-Bacchi, John P. Atkinson
    Pages 111-127
  9. Maren Salzmann, Michael Hoffmann, Gisa Schluh, Peter Riegler, Markus Cybulla, Hartmut P.H. Neumann
    Pages 129-148
  10. Reinhard Würzner, Lothar B. Zimmerhackl
    Pages 149-163
  11. Peter F. Zipfel, Richard J.H. Smith, Stefan Heinen
    Pages 199-221
  12. Pearl L. Lewis
    Pages 223-231
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 233-238

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It is evident that a defective or deregulated complement system results in kidney diseases. An important role of complement effector and regulatory proteins in pathological settings of the kidney has been demonstrated. A large panel of distinct human kidney diseases is caused by defective complement control. Genetic analyses have identified mutations in complement regulators that are associated with these diseases. Mutations have been identified in the fluid phase alternative pathway regulator Factor H and the membrane regulator Membrane Cofactor Protein MCP (CD46). The functional characterization of the mutant proteins allows to define the pathophysiological events on a molecular level. These new concepts and data on disease mechanisms allowed establishing new diagnostic and promising therapeutic approaches for several human kidney diseases. Molecular biology, clinics and therapy are discussed in this volume.


Complement system Kidney diseases biology diseases glomerulonephritis kidney membrane molecular biology mutation protein proteins transplantation

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  • Peter F. Zipfel
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  1. 1.Department of Infection Biology, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection BiologyHans Knoell InstituteJenaGermany

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