The NPY Family of Peptides in Immune Disorders, Inflammation, Angiogenesis and Cancer

  • Zofia Zukowska
  • Giora Z. Feuerstein

Part of the Progress in Inflammation Research book series (PIR)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Biology of the NPY family of peptides, their receptors and processing enzymes

  3. The NPY family of peptides in immune disorders and inflammation

    1. Sammy Bedoui, Stephan von Hörsten
      Pages 87-106
    2. Mónica De la Fuente, Sonia Medina
      Pages 107-122
    3. Basile N. Landis, Isabelle Plouin-Gaudon, Jean-Silvain Lacroix
      Pages 123-133
    4. Bradley K. Taylor
      Pages 135-148
  4. The NPY family of peptides and angiogenesis

    1. Edward W. Lee, Jason U. Tilan, Lydia E. Kuo, Zofia Zukowska
      Pages 151-166
    2. Meit Björndahl, Renhai Cao, Luxun Xue, Yihai Cao
      Pages 167-174
    3. Lijun Li, Ken Abe, Edward W. Lee, Zofia Zukowska
      Pages 175-186
  5. The NPY family of peptides as growth factors in neurodegenerative diseases and tumor biology

    1. Joanna Kitlinska, Lydia E. Kuo, Jennifer Pons
      Pages 189-200
    2. William P. Gray, Helen E. Scharfman
      Pages 201-222
    3. Joanna B. Kitlinska
      Pages 223-236
    4. Massimiliano Ruscica, Elena Dozio, Marcella Motta, Paolo Magni
      Pages 237-248
  6. Summary

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 255-258

About this book


Recent research indicates that the immune system and inflammatory reactions are governed and regulated by powerful neuronal mediators derived from the central and peripheral nervous system. The NPY family of peptides is a diverse group of neuropeptides that acts via multiple receptors, Y1-Y5, which are widespread not only in neurons but also in a variety of non-neural and immune cells. These peptides have been known as important regulators of many essential systems, such as blood pressure and cardiac function, food consumption and energy homeostasis. However, in recent years, they have also become recognized for their role as potent modulators of cell growth and immune functions with broad implications in chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer and angiogenesis.
In this book, experts in the field analyze recent evidence supporting the role of NPY family of peptides in regulation of the immune/inflammatory system with special reference to its medical and therapeutic implications.


angiogenesis cancer cell cytokines diseases immune system immunity innate immunity neurogenesis pain phagocytic cell function pharmacology receptor tissue tumors

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  • Zofia Zukowska
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  • Giora Z. Feuerstein
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  2. 2.Wyeth ResearchCollegevilleUSA

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