Convex Functional Analysis

  • Andrew J. Kurdila
  • Michael Zabarankin

Part of the Systems & Control: Foundations & Applications book series (SCFA)

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This volume is dedicated to the fundamentals of convex functional analysis. It presents those aspects of functional analysis that are extensively used in various applications to mechanics and control theory. The purpose of the text is essentially two-fold. On the one hand, a bare minimum of the theory required to understand the principles of functional, convex and set-valued analysis is presented. Numerous examples and diagrams provide as intuitive an explanation of the principles as possible. On the other hand, the volume is largely self-contained. Those with a background in graduate mathematics will find a concise summary of all main definitions and theorems.

Classical Abstract Spaces in Functional Analysis
Linear Functionals and Linear Operators
Common Function Spaces in Applications
Differential Calculus in Normed Vector Spaces
Minimization of Functionals
Convex Functionals
Lower Semicontinuous Functionals


Calculus of variations Convex analysis control control theory functional analysis

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  • Andrew J. Kurdila
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  • Michael Zabarankin
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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringUniversity of FloridaGainesvilleUSA
  2. 2.Department of Mathematical Sciences Stevens Institute of TechnologyCastle Point on HudsonHobokenUSA

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