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  1. Front Matter
  2. Stål Aanderaa
    Pages 1-4
  3. Stål Aanderaa, Herman Ruge Jervell
    Pages 5-13
  4. Sergei Artëmov, Tyko Straßen
    Pages 14-28
  5. Matthias Baaz, Richard Zach
    Pages 29-42
  6. Nick Benton, Gavin Bierman, Valeria de Paiva, Martin Hyland
    Pages 61-84
  7. Alessandro Berarducci, Corrado Böhm
    Pages 85-99
  8. Christian G. Fermüller, Alexander Leitsch
    Pages 134-148
  9. Tim Fernando
    Pages 149-166
  10. A. Gavilanes-Franco, F. Lucio-Carrasco, M. Rodríguez-Artalejo
    Pages 167-181
  11. Paola Glavan, Dean Rosenzweig
    Pages 182-215
  12. Juan Carlos González-Moreno, María Teresa Hortalá-González, Mario Rodríguez-Artalejo
    Pages 216-230
  13. Erich Grädel, Martin Otto
    Pages 231-247
  14. Etienne Grandjean
    Pages 248-273
  15. Yuri Gurevich, James K. Huggins
    Pages 274-308
  16. Furio Honsell, Ian A. Mason, Scott Smith, Carolyn Talcott
    Pages 309-326

About these proceedings


This volume presents the proceedings of the Computer Science Logic Workshop CSL '92, held in Pisa, Italy, in September/October 1992. CSL '92 was the sixth of the series and the first one held as Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL). Full versions of the workshop contributions were collected after their presentation and reviewed. On the basis of 58 reviews, 26 papers were selected for publication, and appear here in revised final form. Topics covered in the volume include: Turing machines, linear logic, logic of proofs, optimization problems, lambda calculus, fixpoint logic, NP-completeness, resolution, transition system semantics, higher order partial functions, evolving algebras, functional logic programming, inductive definability, semantics of C, classes for a functional language, NP-optimization problems, theory of types and names, sconing and relators, 3-satisfiability, Kleene's slash, negation-complete logic programs, polynomial-time oracle machines, and monadic second-order properties.


Resolution computer computer science lambda calculus logic optimization programming semantics

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