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  2. José Alberto Fernández, Jack Minker
    Pages 21-50
  3. J. Demetrovics, L. Rónyai, Hua nam Son
    Pages 71-85
  4. Jyrki Kivinen, Heikki Mannila
    Pages 86-98
  5. Serge Abiteboul, Moshe Vardi, Victor Vianu
    Pages 113-123
  6. Stéphane Grumbach, Christophe Tollu
    Pages 124-139
  7. Val Breazu-Tannen, Peter Buneman, Limsoon Wong
    Pages 140-154
  8. Françoise Fabret, Mireille Régnier, Eric Simon
    Pages 155-170
  9. Serge Abiteboul, Allen Van Gelder
    Pages 171-187
  10. M. H. Wong, D. Agrawal
    Pages 201-215
  11. Alan Fekete, Nancy Lynch, William E. Weihl
    Pages 216-230
  12. Monica D. Barback, Jorge Lobo, James J. Lu
    Pages 246-260
  13. Christos H. Papadimitriou, Martha Sideri
    Pages 276-281
  14. Guozhu Dong, Rodney Topor
    Pages 282-296

About these proceedings


The papers in this volume were presented at the International Conference on Database Theory, held in Berlin, Germany, October 14-16, 1992. This conference initiated the merger of two series of conferences on theoretical aspects of databases that were formed in parallel by different scientific communities in Europe. The first series was known as the International Conference on Database Theory and the second as the Symposium on Mathematical Fundamentals of Database Systems. In the future, ICDT will be organized every two years, alternating with the more practically oriented series of conferences on Extending Database Technology (EDBT). The volume contains 3 invited lectures and 26 contributed papers selected from a total of 107 submissions. The papers are organized into sections on constraints and decomposition, query languages, updates and active databases, concurrency control and recovery, knowledge bases, datalog complexity and optimization, object orientation, information capacity and security, and data structures and algorithms. Two of the invited papers survey research into theoretical database issues done in Eastern Europe during the past decade.


algorithm algorithms complexity concurrency data structure database knowledge base optimization

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