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  1. Front Matter
  2. Peter C. Lockemann, Alfons Kemper, Guido Moerkotte
    Pages 15-33
  3. Joachim W. Schmidt, Florian Matthes
    Pages 81-114
  4. Rainer Gimnich, Klaus Kunkel, Thomas Strothotte
    Pages 115-134
  5. Hans-Jörg Schek, Marc H. Scholl
    Pages 135-153
  6. Rainer Unland, Gunter Schlageter
    Pages 154-197
  7. Georges Gardarin, Jerry Kiernan
    Pages 198-216
  8. Bruce Lindsay, Laura Haas
    Pages 217-248
  9. S. Jablonski, H. Wedekind
    Pages 249-262
  10. Patricia G. Selinger
    Pages 316-334

About these proceedings


This volume contains 14 survey articles by reputed database researchers. They give an account of the state of the art, present research highlights and offer an outlook into the '90s regarding the most likely evolution of database technology-research, ad-tech, products and applications. The volume is structured into the following parts: - The evolution of database technology and its impact on enterprise information systems (keynote paper); - Demands on database systems in the '90s (office, engineering, science, multimedia, standardization); - User aspects (application programmers, ad hoc query users); - Database system and architecture concepts for novel applications (data models, object orientation, deductive DBMS, extensibility, data replication); - System and implementation aspects (performance and reliability, distributed and cooperative DBMS, hardware impact). The volume may serve as an orientation for all those who are interested in database systems and their impact on computer applications.


DBMS architecture data model database database systems deductive database hardware implementation information system multimedia object-oriented database performance

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