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  1. Front Matter
  2. Nicholas Pippenger
    Pages 2-11
  3. Hiroshi Nagamochi, Toshihide Ibaraki
    Pages 12-20
  4. Osamu Watanabe, Seinosuke Toda
    Pages 31-38
  5. Maw Shang Chang, C. Y. Tang, R. C. T. Lee
    Pages 53-65
  6. Tung-Hsin Su, Ruei-Chuan Chang
    Pages 66-75
  7. Borivoje Djokić, Masahiro Miyakawa, Satoshi Sekiguchi, Ichiro Semba, Ivan Stojmenović
    Pages 76-85
  8. Pavol Hell, Jørgen Bang-Jensen, Jing Huang
    Pages 101-108
  9. Wenceslas Fernandez de la Vega, Sampath Kannan, Miklos Santha
    Pages 118-127
  10. Uriel Feige, David Peleg, Prabhakar Raghavan, Eli Upfal
    Pages 128-137
  11. R. Klein, K. Mehlhorn, S. Meiser
    Pages 138-154
  12. Bernard Chazelle
    Pages 155-155
  13. David G. Kirkpatrick, Feng Gao
    Pages 156-164
  14. David Dobkin, John Hershberger, David Kirkpatrick, Subhash Suri
    Pages 165-180

About these proceedings


This is the proceedings of the SIGAL International Symposium on Algorithms held at CSK Information Education Center, Tokyo, Japan, August 16-18, 1990. SIGAL (Special Interest Group on Algorithms) was organized within the Information Processing Society of Japan in 1988 to encourage research in the field of discrete algorithms, and held 6-8 research meetings each year. This symposium is the first international symposium organized by SIGAL. In response to the call for papers, 88 papers were submitted from around the world. The program committee selected 34 for presentation at the symposium. The symposium also included 5 invited lectures and 10 invited presentations. The subjects of the papers range widely in the field of discrete algorithms in theoretical computer science. Keywords for these subjects are: computational geometry, graph algorithms, complexity theory, parallel algorithms, distributed computing, and computational algebra.


algorithm algorithms complexity complexity theory computational geometry computer computer science distributed computing algorithm analysis and problem complexity combinatorics

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