Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Xavier Gérard Viennot
    Pages 18-41
  3. Gérard Boudol, Kim G. Larsen
    Pages 57-71
  4. J. Cai, R. Paige, R. Tarjan
    Pages 72-86
  5. Pierre-Louis Curien, Giorgio Ghelli
    Pages 132-146
  6. Uffe Engberg, Glynn Winskel
    Pages 147-161
  7. Gian Luigi Ferrari, Ugo Montanari
    Pages 162-176
  8. Dominique Geniet, René Schott, Loÿs Thimonier
    Pages 177-190
  9. Kristoffer Høgsbro Holm
    Pages 191-205
  10. A. J. Kfoury, J. Tiuryn, P. Urzyczyn
    Pages 206-220
  11. Emmanuel Kounalis
    Pages 221-238
  12. G. Louchard, R. Schott
    Pages 239-253
  13. Michael I. Schwartzbach
    Pages 254-268
  14. Back Matter

About these proceedings


This volume contains the proceedings of the Fifteenth Colloquium on Trees in Algebra and Programming. The papers selected present new research results and cover the following topics: - Logical, algebraic and combinatorial properties of discrete structures (strings, trees, graphs, etc.), including the theory of formal languages considered as that of sets of discrete structures and the theory of rewriting systems over these objects. - Application of discrete structures in computer science, including syntax and semantics of programming languages, operational semantics, logic programming, algorithms and data structures, complexity of algorithms and implementation aspects, proof techniques for nonnumerical algorithms, formal specifications, and visualization of trees and graphs.


algebra algorithm algorithms complexity data structure data structures formal language formal specification logic programming programming language semantics sets

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