Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Ole-Johan Dahl
    Pages 1-11
  3. Joseph A. Goguen
    Pages 12-28
  4. D. Kato, T. Kikuchi, R. Nakajima, J. Sawada, H. Tsuiki
    Pages 29-40
  5. Patrice Chalin, Peter Grogono
    Pages 41-71
  6. Peter Haastrup, Christian Gram
    Pages 72-98
  7. Uwe Schmidt, Hans-Martin Hörcher
    Pages 122-134
  8. Debora Weber-Wulff
    Pages 135-149
  9. David Garlan, Norman Delisle
    Pages 150-163
  10. Steve King
    Pages 164-188
  11. J. S. Fitzgerald, C. B. Jones
    Pages 189-210
  12. Augusto Sampaio, Silvio Meira
    Pages 211-232
  13. J. Steensgaard-Madsen
    Pages 233-243
  14. David Duke, Roger Duke
    Pages 244-261
  15. R. Di Giovanni, P. L. Iachini
    Pages 262-289
  16. Reinhard Gotzhein
    Pages 319-339
  17. J. C. P. Woodcock, Carroll Morgan
    Pages 340-351
  18. Job Zwiers
    Pages 352-369

About these proceedings


The present volume is the third in a series of VDM Symposia Proceedings. VDM, the Vienna Development Method, is a formal method for software engineering, Z refers to Zermelo, a mathematician whose name is associated with set theory. Many computing science, programming and software engineering proceedings are published regularly. The ones by VDM Europe have the distinguished mark that they are concerned with bringing real theory to apply to real programming. In Europe, there is very much interest in methodology, semantics and techniques, that is, in understanding how we build and what it is that we are building. The papers of these proceedings basically fall into four major groups: Applications, Methodology, Formalisations, and Foundations. The Methodology group has been further subdivided into five areas: Specification Methodology, Design Methodology, Modularity, Object Orientedness, and Processes, Concurrency and Distributed Systems.


Entwurfsmethodik Spezifikationsmethodik design distributed systems formal method formalisation programming software engineering specification methodology verteilte Systeme

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