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  1. Front Matter
  2. D. A. Arhangelsky, M. A. Taitslin
    Pages 2-11
  3. David A. Basin
    Pages 12-25
  4. Bard Bloom, Albert R. Meyer
    Pages 26-40
  5. José Carmo, Amílcar Sernadas
    Pages 41-62
  6. Ludmila A. Cherkasova, Alexander S. Filurin
    Pages 63-80
  7. E. M. Clarke, O. Grumberg, R. P. Kurshan
    Pages 81-90
  8. Dmitry O. Daderkin
    Pages 91-100
  9. A.Ja. Dikovskii
    Pages 101-107
  10. Yuri Gurevich, Saharon Shelah
    Pages 108-118
  11. Torben Amtoft Hansen, Thomas Nikolajsen, Jesper Larsson Träff, Neil D. Jones
    Pages 119-133
  12. M. Heisel, W. Reif, W. Stephan
    Pages 134-145
  13. J. Hirshfeld, A. Rabinovich, B. A. Trakhtenbrot
    Pages 146-162
  14. Hans Hüttel, Kim G. Larsen
    Pages 163-180
  15. M. I. Kanovich
    Pages 181-185
  16. J. Lambek
    Pages 200-207
  17. Yiannis. N. Moschovakis
    Pages 208-229

About these proceedings


The present volume contains the proceedings of Logic at Botik '89, a symposium on logical foundations of computer science organized by the Program Systems Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences and held at Pereslavl-Zalessky, USSR, July 3-8, 1989. The scope of the symposium was very broad; the topics of interest were: complexity of formal systems, constructive mathematics in computer science, denotational and operational semantics of programs, descriptive complexity, dynamic and algorithmic logics and schematology, formal tools to describe concurrent computations, lambda calculus and related topics, foundations of logic programming, logical foundations of database theory, logics for knowledge representation, modal and temporal logics, type theory in programming, and verification of programs. Thus, the papers in this volume represent many interesting trends in logical foundations of Computer Science, ranging from purely theoretical research to practical applications of theory.


algorithm algorithms complexity knowledge representation lambda calculus logic programming semantics verification

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