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Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology

9th International Conference, AMAST 2002 Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, Reunion Island, France September 9–13, 2002 Proceedings

  • Hélène Kirchner
  • Christophe Ringeissen
Conference proceedings AMAST 2002

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 2422)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Invited Papers

    1. David Aspinall, Donald Sannella
      Pages 1-14
    2. Igor Walukiewicz
      Pages 15-20
    3. Peter D. Mosses
      Pages 21-40
    4. Gilles Barthe, Pierre Courtieu, Guillaume Dufay, Simão Melo de Sousa
      Pages 41-59
    5. José Luiz Fiadeiro
      Pages 75-82
  3. Regular Papers

    1. Christian Haack, Brian Howard, Allen Stoughton, Joe B. Wells
      Pages 83-98
    2. María Alpuente, Santiago Escobar, Salvador Lucas
      Pages 117-132
    3. Michaël Adélaïde, Olivier Roux
      Pages 132-146
    4. Yifei Dong, Beata Sarna-Starosta, C. R. Ramakrishnan, Scott A. Smolka
      Pages 147-162
    5. Samuel Hornus, Philippe Schnoebelen
      Pages 163-177
    6. Raymond Devillers, Hanna Klaudel, Maciej Koutny, Franck Pommereau
      Pages 192-207
    7. Irek Ulidowski
      Pages 208-223
    8. Luca Aceto, Zoltán Ésik, Anna Ingólfsdóttir
      Pages 239-254
    9. Paolo Baldan, Andrea Bracciali, Roberto Bruni
      Pages 254-270
    10. Annalisa Bossi, Riccardo Focardi, Carla Piazza, Sabina Rossi
      Pages 271-286

About these proceedings


This volume contains the proceedings of AMAST 2002, the 9th International Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology, held during September 9–13, 2002, in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, R´eunion Island, France. The major goal of the AMAST conferences is to promote research that may lead to setting software technology on a ?rm mathematical basis. This goal is achieved through a large international cooperation with contributions from both academia and industry. Developing a software technology on a mathematical basis p- duces software that is: (a) correct, and the correctness can be proved mathem- ically, (b) safe, so that it can be used in the implementation of critical systems, (c) portable, i. e. , independent of computing platforms and language generations, (d) evolutionary, i. e. , it is self-adaptable and evolves with the problem domain. All previous AMAST conferences, which were held in Iowa City (1989, 1991), Twente (1993), Montreal (1995), Munich (1996), Sydney (1997), Manaus (1999), and Iowa City (2000), made contributions to the AMAST goals by reporting and disseminating academic and industrial achievements within the AMAST area of interest. During these meetings, AMAST attracted an international following among researchers and practitioners interested in software technology, progr- ming methodology, and their algebraic, and logical foundations.


Abstract State Machines Algebraic Methods Algebraic State Machines Formal Methods Formal Specification Formal Verification Java Mathematical Software Construction Process Algebras Software Design Software Development algebra formal method model checking verification

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  • Hélène Kirchner
    • 1
  • Christophe Ringeissen
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  1. 1.LORIA - CNRS & INRIA, Campus Scientifique, Bâtiment LORIAVandoeuvre-lès-NancyFrance
  2. 2.LORIA - INRIAVillers-lès-NancyFrance

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