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Superconductor/Semiconductor Junctions

  • Features the most comprehensive treatment of Josephson junctions ever published


Part of the Springer Tracts in Modern Physics book series (STMP, volume 174)

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This book describes superconductor/two-dimensional-electron-gas structures with the aim of providing a better understanding of their transport properties. The two-dimensional electron gas used for the structures described here is buried either in a III-V semiconductor heterostructure or in an inversion layer at the surface. First, the properties of a single superconductor/two-dimensional-electron-gas structure are discussed on the basis of Andreev reflection and the proximity effect. Then, the properties of superconductor/two-dimensional-electron-gas Josephson junctions are treated. The last part of the book discusses the control of junctions using gate electrodes or injection currents, and the physical effects observed in these junctions.


Andreev reflection Josephson effect Josephson junction Mesoscopic superconductivity Semiconductor Superconductor electron gases semiconductors two-dimensional

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