Metalliferous Sediments of the World Ocean

Fundamental Theory of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Sedimentation

  • Evgeny G. Gurvich

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Dramatic advances in understanding global tectonics have been made in the last half century and the information and specific data acquired on the floor of the World Ocean by the scientific community probably has exc- ded that available in all previous time. With the benefit of new technology and advanced concepts in the earth sciences extensive exploration of the deep seabed became possible, and has been carried out in many parts of the world. Many features have been recognized and data recorded that are vital for understanding the fundamental processes that shape the earth=s surface and control the habitable environment. The data collected to date on the o- an floor and its physical environment greatly exceeds our understanding and appreciation of their fundamental importance in the earth sciences, and our ability to apply this knowledge effectively in improving our way of life. With his extensive scientific knowledge and unique experience from - ny cruises in association with scientists throughout the world, Dr. Evgeny Gurvich has made an outstanding contribution in acquiring basic data on hydrothermal and sedimentation processes in the ocean, as well as in the synthesis of data and concepts available from cruise reports and an extensive literature.


Hydrothermal activity Indian Ocean Metalliferous sediments Ocean Ocean sediments Red sea World ocean marine

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