Fringe 2005

The 5th International Workshop on Automatic Processing of Fringe Patterns

  • Wolfgang Osten
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVIII
  2. Key Note

    1. R.S. Sirohi
      Pages 2-11
  3. New Methods and Tools for Data Processing

    1. Wei Wang, Zhihui Duan, Steen G. Hanson, Yoko Miyamoto, Mitsuo Takeda
      Pages 46-53
    2. C.A. Sciammarella, F.M. Sciammarella
      Pages 54-64
    3. René Dändliker
      Pages 65-73
    4. Jonathan M. Huntley, María F. Salfity, Pablo D. Ruiz, Martin J. Graves, Rhodri Cusack, Daniel A. Beauregard
      Pages 74-81
    5. Ribun Onodera, Yoshitaka Yamamoto, Yukihiro Ishii
      Pages 82-89
    6. J. A. Quiroga, D. Crespo, J. A. Gomez Pedrero, J. C. Martinez-Antón
      Pages 90-97
    7. C. Breluzeau, A. Bosseboeuf, S. Petitgrand
      Pages 98-106
    8. Tobias Haist, Marcus Reicherter, Avinash Burla, Lars Seifert, Mark Hollis, Wolfgang Osten
      Pages 126-133
    9. Yu Fu, Chenggen Quan, Cho Jui Tay, Hong Miao
      Pages 134-141
    10. Chandra Shakher, Saba Mirza, Vijay Raj Singh, Md. Mosarraf Hossain, Rajpal S Sirohi
      Pages 142-149
    11. Jan Liesener, Wolfgang Osten
      Pages 150-157
    12. Doloca Radu, Tutsch Rainer
      Pages 166-174
    13. Qian Kemao, Seah Hock Soon, Anand Asundi
      Pages 183-190
    14. Thomas Böttner, Markus Kästner
      Pages 191-194
    15. F.J. Cuevas, F. Mendoza Santoyo, G. Garnica, J. Rayas, J.H. Sossa
      Pages 195-203
    16. Slawomir Drobczynski, Henryk Kasprzak
      Pages 204-207
    17. Roger M. Groves, Stephen W. James, Ralph P. Tatam
      Pages 212-216
    18. Qian Kemao, Seah Hock Soon, Anand Asundi
      Pages 217-220
    19. Tomasz Kozacki, Pawel Kniazewski, Malgorzata Kujawinska
      Pages 226-229
    20. Amalia Martínez, Juan Antonio Rayas, Raúl Corsero
      Pages 230-233
  4. Resolution Enhanced Technologies

    1. Katsumi Sugisaki, Masanobu Hasegawa, Masashi Okada, Zhu Yucong, Katsura Otaki, Zhiqiang Liu et al.
      Pages 252-266
    2. Irina Harder, Johannes Schwider, Norbert Lindlein
      Pages 275-282
    3. Johannes Zellner, Bernd Dörband, Heiko Feldmann
      Pages 283-290
    4. Gerd Jäger, Tino Hausotte, Eberhard Manske, Hans-Joachim Büchner, Rostyslav Mastylo, Natalja Dorozhovets et al.
      Pages 291-298
    5. Joseph J.M. Braat, Peter Dirksen, Augustus J.E.M. Janssen
      Pages 299-307
    6. Christian D. Depeursinge, Anca M. Marian, Frederic Montfort, Tristan Colomb, Florian Charrière, Jonas Kühn et al.
      Pages 308-314
    7. Theo Tschudi, Viktor M. Petrov, Jürgen Petter, Sören Lichtenberg, Christian Heinisch, Julia Hahn
      Pages 315-318
    8. T. Yatagai, Y. Yasuno, M. Itoh
      Pages 319-325
  5. Wide Scale 4D Optical Metrology

    1. Otmar Loffeld
      Pages 336-353
    2. Petra Aswendt, Sören Gärtner, Roland Höfling
      Pages 354-361
    3. Thorsten Bothe, Wansong Li, Christoph von Kopylow, Werner Jüptner
      Pages 362-371
    4. Jürgen Kaminski, Svenja Lowitzsch, Markus C. Knauer, Gerd Häusler
      Pages 372-379

About these proceedings


The purpose of the Fringe Proceedings is to present to engineers, scientists and industrial experts the state-of-the-art and the impact of Computer aided Evaluation in Structured Light Techniques, Holographic Interferometry, Classic Interferometry, Speckle Metrology, Moiré and Grid Techniques for Stress Analysis, Nondestructive Testing, Shape Measurement, Fault Detection, Quality Control and related fields.

Topics of particular interest are:

Advanced Computer Aided Measurement Techniques;

Resolution Enhanced Technologies in Optical Metrology;

New approaches in Wide Scale 4D Optical Metrology;

Sophisticated Sensors Systems and their applications for the solution of challenging measurement problems.

Special emphasis is put on modern Measurement Strategies taking into account the active combination of Physical Modeling, Computer Aided Simulation and Experimental Data Acquisition. Further attention is directed to new approaches for the Extension of Existing Resolution Limits that open the gates to Wide Scale Metrology ranging from nano to macro by using Advanced Optical Sensor Systems.



Data processing Enhanced Technologies Hybrid Measurement Technologies Measurement Systems New Optical Sensors Sensor Speckle Wide Scale 4D Optical Metrology data acquisition interferometry metrology

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  • Wolfgang Osten
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  1. 1.Institut für Technische OptikUniversität StuttgartStuttgartGermany

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