Palladium Emissions in the Environment

Analytical Methods, Environmental Assessment and Health Effects

  • Fathi Zereini
  • Friedrich Alt

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXVIII
  2. Sources of Palladium Emissions

  3. Analytical Methods for Determination of Palladium in Biological and Environmental Materials

    1. Hann S, Rudolph E, Köllensperger G, Reiter C
      Pages 73-82
    2. Gómez-Gómez M Milagros, Palacios-Corvillo M Antonia
      Pages 83-96
    3. Moldovan Mariella, Pechéyran Christophe, Donard Olivier F X
      Pages 111-118
    4. Resano Martín, Vanhaecke Frank, Moens Luc
      Pages 119-134
    5. Figueiredo Ana Maria G, Enzweiler Jacinta, Morcelli Claudia P R, Sarkis Jorge
      Pages 163-172
    6. Berner Zsolt, Menzel Christoph, Zeller Andreas, Eckhardt Jörg-Detlef, Stüben Doris, Hartwig Andrea
      Pages 215-227
    7. Angelone M, Nardi E, Pinto V, Cremisini C
      Pages 245-291
  4. Occurrence, Chemical Behaviour and Fate of Palladium in the Environment

    1. Rauch Sebastien, Hemond Harold F, Peucker-Ehrenbrink Bernhard, Barbante Carlo, Owari Masanori, Wass Urban et al.
      Pages 295-305
    2. Schwesig D, Rübel A, Furtmann K
      Pages 307-323
    3. Moldovan Mariella, Veschambre Sophie, Amouroux David, Donard Olivier F X
      Pages 369-380
    4. Zereini F, Alt F, Messerschmidt J, Wiseman C, von Bohlen A, Liebl K et al.
      Pages 397-405
    5. Rauch Sebastien, Peucker-Ehrenbrink Bernhard, Hemond Harold F
      Pages 407-418
    6. Bencs László, Ravindra Khaiwal, Van Grieken René
      Pages 433-454
    7. Angelone M, Pinto V, Nardi E, Cremisini C
      Pages 455-485
  5. Bioavailability and Biomonitoring of Palladium

    1. Sures Bernd, Singer Christoph, Zimmermann Sonja
      Pages 489-499
    2. Zimmermann Sonja, Sures Bernd
      Pages 501-511
    3. Thielen Frankie, Zimmermann Sonja, Sures Bernd
      Pages 513-523
    4. Ayrault Sophie, Li Chunsheng, Gaudry André
      Pages 525-536
    5. Ek Kristine H, Rauch Sebastien, Morrison Gregory M, Lindberg Peter
      Pages 537-547
  6. Health Risk Potential of Palladium

    1. Orion Edith, Wolf Ronni
      Pages 551-555
    2. Nygren Olle
      Pages 557-563
    3. Melber Christine, Mangelsdorf Inge
      Pages 575-596
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 597-639

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