Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Joseph Goguen, Claude Kirchner, José Meseguer
    Pages 53-93
  3. Benjamin Goldberg, Paul Hudak
    Pages 94-113
  4. Randy Michelsen, Lauren Smith, Elizabeth Williams, Bonnie Yantis
    Pages 114-118
  5. Thomas Johnsson
    Pages 119-159
  6. Michel Castan, Guy Durrieu, Bernard Lecussan, Michel Lemaître, Alessandro Contessa, Eric Cousin et al.
    Pages 160-180
  7. P. G. Harrison, M. J. Reeve
    Pages 181-202
  8. Robert M. Keller, Jon W. Slater, Kevin T. Likes
    Pages 203-214
  9. M. C. J. D. van Eekelen, M. J. Plasmeijer
    Pages 215-239
  10. Ian Watson, Paul Watson
    Pages 265-274
  11. Richard B. Kieburtz
    Pages 275-296
  12. Steven Tighe, Ken Zink, Richard Brice, William Alexander
    Pages 297-311
  13. Philip Wadler
    Pages 328-335
  14. Arvind, Rishiyur S. Nikhil, Keshav K. Pingali
    Pages 336-369

About these proceedings


This volume describes recent research in graph reduction and related areas of functional and logic programming, as reported at a workshop in 1986. The papers are based on the presentations, and because the final versions were prepared after the workshop, they reflect some of the discussions as well. Some benefits of graph reduction can be found in these papers: - A mathematically elegant denotational semantics - Lazy evaluation, which avoids recomputation and makes programming with infinite data structures (such as streams) possible - A natural tasking model for fine-to-medium grain parallelism. The major topics covered are computational models for graph reduction, implementation of graph reduction on conventional architectures, specialized graph reduction architectures, resource control issues such as control of reduction order and garbage collection, performance modelling and simulation, treatment of arrays, and the relationship of graph reduction to logic programming.


Variable computer data structure lambda calculus logic processor programming semantics supercomputer

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