European Tort Law 2004

  • Editors
  • Helmut Koziol
  • Barbara C. Steininger

Part of the Tort and Insurance Law Yearbook book series (TIL, volume 2004)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. Essays

  3. Reports

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 141-141
    2. Barbara C. Steininger
      Pages 142-165
    3. Isabelle C. Durant
      Pages 166-194
    4. Jiří Hrádek
      Pages 195-217
    5. Vibe Ulfbeck
      Pages 218-226
    6. Ken Oliphant
      Pages 227-247
    7. Irene Kull
      Pages 248-263
    8. Suvianna Hakalehto-Wainio
      Pages 264-273
    9. Michel Cannarsa, Fabien Lafay, Olivier Moréteau, Caroline Pellerin-Rugliano
      Pages 274-299
    10. Jörg Fedtke
      Pages 300-326
    11. Eugenia Dacoronia
      Pages 327-348
    12. Attila Menyhárd
      Pages 349-362
    13. Eoin Quill
      Pages 363-381
    14. Emanuela Navarretta, Elena Bargelli
      Pages 382-394
    15. Agris Bitāns
      Pages 395-404
    16. Herkus Gabartas, Milda Laučienė
      Pages 405-419
    17. Michael Faure, Ton Hartlief
      Pages 420-450
    18. Bjarte Askeland
      Pages 451-461
    19. Ewa Bagińska
      Pages 462-478
    20. André G. Dias Pereira
      Pages 479-509
    21. Anton Dulak
      Pages 510-521
    22. Rok Lampe
      Pages 522-537
    23. Jordi Ribot
      Pages 538-567
    24. Håkan Andersson
      Pages 568-582
    25. Peter Loser
      Pages 583-593
    26. Bernhard A. Koch
      Pages 594-600
    27. Kunihiko Okubo
      Pages 601-602
    28. Meinhard Lukas
      Pages 603-612
  4. Other Contributions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 613-613
    2. Denis N. Kelliher
      Pages 614-622
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 649-674

About this book


The European Tort Law Yearbook provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in tort law in Europe. It contains reports on the developments in most EU Member States, including the new Member States the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia – as well as Norway and Switzerland. Furthermore, an overview of the developments in the field of EU law is provided. In conclusion, a comparative report reviews the essential aspects of all reports. The reports are written by scholars from the respective jurisdictions. Focusing on the year 2004, the authors critically report on important court decisions, present new legislation and provide a literature overview. In addition to the national reports, several essays on key topics in the field of tort law are included, most of which focus on questions of strict liability.


Comperative Law Insurance Law International Law Tort Law

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