Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction

Third International Workshop, MLMI 2006, Bethesda, MD, USA, May 1-4, 2006, Revised Selected Papers

  • Steve Renals
  • Samy Bengio
  • Jonathan G. Fiscus
Conference proceedings MLMI 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4299)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. MLMI’06

    1. Invited Paper

      1. Parisa Eslambolchilar, Roderick Murray-Smith
        Pages 1-12
    2. Multimodal Processing

      1. Martial Michel, Jerome Ajot, Jonathan Fiscus
        Pages 13-23
      2. Marc Al-Hames, Thomas Hain, Jan Cernocky, Sascha Schreiber, Mannes Poel, Ronald Müller et al.
        Pages 24-35
      3. Lei Chen, Mary Harper, Amy Franklin, Travis R. Rose, Irene Kimbara, Zhongqiang Huang et al.
        Pages 36-49
      4. Marc Al-Hames, Benedikt Hörnler, Christoph Scheuermann, Gerhard Rigoll
        Pages 63-74
    3. Image and Video Processing

      1. Kevin Smith, Sascha Schreiber, Igor Potúcek, Vítzslav Beran, Gerhard Rigoll, Daniel Gatica-Perez
        Pages 88-101
      2. Andreas Humm, Jean Hennebert, Rolf Ingold
        Pages 102-113
      3. Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis, Lazaros Polymenakos
        Pages 114-122
      4. Dennis Lin, Jilin Tu, Shyamsundar Rajaram, Zhenqiu Zhang, Thomas Huang
        Pages 123-128
    4. HCI and Applications

      1. Maria Danninger, Erica Robles, Leila Takayama, QianYing Wang, Tobias Kluge, Rainer Stiefelhagen et al.
        Pages 129-141
    5. Discourse and Dialogue

      1. Jacob Eisenstein, Randall Davis
        Pages 154-165
      2. Weiqun Xu, Jean Carletta, Johanna Moore
        Pages 166-177
      3. Alfred Dielmann, Steve Renals
        Pages 178-189
      4. Matthias Zimmermann, Dilek Hakkani-Tür, Elizabeth Shriberg, Andreas Stolcke
        Pages 190-199
      5. Matthew Purver, Patrick Ehlen, John Niekrasz
        Pages 200-211
    6. Speech and Audio Processing

      1. Mikko Parviainen, Tuomo Pirinen, Pasi Pertilä
        Pages 225-235
      2. Dušan Macho, Climent Nadeu, Andrey Temko
        Pages 236-247
      3. Xavier Anguera, Chuck Wooters, Javier Hernando
        Pages 248-256
      4. Jose M. Pardo, Xavier Anguera, Chuck Wooters
        Pages 257-264
      5. Martin Karafiát, Frantiśek Grézl, Petr Schwarz, Lukáš Burget, Jan Černocký
        Pages 275-284
      6. Darren Moore, John Dines, Mathew Magimai Doss, Jithendra Vepa, Octavian Cheng, Thomas Hain
        Pages 285-296
      7. Sebastian Stüker, Chengqing Zong, Jürgen Reichert, Wenjie Cao, Muntsin Kolss, Guodong Xie et al.
        Pages 297-308
    7. NIST Meeting Recognition Evaluation

      1. Jonathan G. Fiscus, Jerome Ajot, Martial Michel, John S. Garofolo
        Pages 309-322
      2. Etienne Marcheret, Gerasimos Potamianos, Karthik Visweswariah, Jing Huang
        Pages 323-335
      3. Dominique Vaufreydaz, Rémi Emonet, Patrick Reignier
        Pages 336-345
      4. Xavier Anguera, Chuck Wooters, Jose M. Pardo
        Pages 346-358
      5. David A. van Leeuwen, Marijn Huijbregts
        Pages 371-384
      6. Elias Rentzeperis, Andreas Stergiou, Christos Boukis, Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis, Lazaros C. Polymenakos
        Pages 385-395
      7. Xuan Zhu, Claude Barras, Lori Lamel, Jean-Luc Gauvain
        Pages 396-406
      8. Christian Fügen, Shajith Ikbal, Florian Kraft, Kenichi Kumatani, Kornel Laskowski, John W. McDonough et al.
        Pages 407-418
      9. Thomas Hain, Lukas Burget, John Dines, Giulia Garau, Martin Karafiat, Mike Lincoln et al.
        Pages 419-431
      10. Jing Huang, Martin Westphal, Stanley Chen, Olivier Siohan, Daniel Povey, Vit Libal et al.
        Pages 432-443
      11. Adam Janin, Andreas Stolcke, Xavier Anguera, Kofi Boakye, Özgür Çetin, Joe Frankel et al.
        Pages 444-456
      12. Lori Lamel, Eric Bilinski, Gilles Adda, Jean-Luc Gauvain, Holger Schwenk
        Pages 457-468
  3. Back Matter

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classification cognition communication modeling complexity corpus emotion analysis emotion oriented computing face recognition human-computer interaction human-computer interaction (HCI) learning algorithms machine learning multimedia meetings multimoda verification

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