Progress in Cryptology - VIETCRYPT 2006

First International Conference on Cryptology in Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam, September 25-28, 2006. Revised Selected Papers

  • Phong Q. Nguyen
Conference proceedings VIETCRYPT 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4341)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Signatures and Lightweight Cryptography

    1. Aline Gouget, Jacques Patarin
      Pages 1-18
    2. Jean Monnerat, Serge Vaudenay
      Pages 19-36
    3. M. J. B. Robshaw
      Pages 37-49
  3. Invited Talk

    1. Tatsuaki Okamoto
      Pages 50-66
  4. Pairing-Based Cryptography

  5. Algorithmic Number Theory

    1. Bagus Santoso, Noboru Kunihiro, Naoki Kanayama, Kazuo Ohta
      Pages 115-130
    2. Roberto Avanzi, Francesco Sica
      Pages 131-146
    3. Fumitaka Hoshino, Tetsutaro Kobayashi, Kazumaro Aoki
      Pages 147-156
  6. Ring Signatures and Group Signatures

    1. Miyako Ohkubo, Masayuki Abe
      Pages 157-174
    2. Sherman S. M. Chow, Willy Susilo, Tsz Hon Yuen
      Pages 175-192
    3. Cécile Delerablée, David Pointcheval
      Pages 193-210
  7. Hash Functions

    1. Phillip Rogaway
      Pages 211-228
    2. Arjen K. Lenstra, Daniel Page, Martijn Stam
      Pages 229-242
    3. Yu Sasaki, Yusuke Naito, Jun Yajima, Takeshi Shimoyama, Noboru Kunihiro, Kazuo Ohta
      Pages 243-259
  8. Cryptanalysis

    1. Kitae Jeong, Jaechul Sung, Seokhie Hong, Sangjin Lee, Jaeheon Kim, Deukjo Hong
      Pages 260-270
    2. Jianyong Huang, Jennifer Seberry, Willy Susilo
      Pages 271-285
    3. Eunjin Lee, Deukjo Hong, Donghoon Chang, Seokhie Hong, Jongin Lim
      Pages 286-297
  9. Key Agreement and Threshold Cryptography

    1. Jens-Matthias Bohli, Rainer Steinwandt
      Pages 298-311
    2. Hossein Ghodosi, Josef Pieprzyk
      Pages 312-321
    3. Jens-Matthias Bohli, Benjamin Glas, Rainer Steinwandt
      Pages 322-336
  10. Public-Key Encryption

    1. Ryo Nishimaki, Yoshifumi Manabe, Tatsuaki Okamoto
      Pages 337-353
    2. Thi Lan Anh Phan, Yumiko Hanaoka, Goichiro Hanaoka, Kanta Matsuura, Hideki Imai
      Pages 366-384
  11. Back Matter

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