Progress in Cryptology - INDOCRYPT 2006

7th International Conference on Cryptology in India, Kolkata, India, December 11-13, 2006. Proceedings

  • Rana Barua
  • Tanja Lange
Conference proceedings INDOCRYPT 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4329)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Invited Talk

    1. James L. Massey
      Pages 1-1
  3. Symmetric Cryptography: Attacks

    1. Simon Fischer, Willi Meier, Côme Berbain, Jean-François Biasse, M. J. B. Robshaw
      Pages 2-16
    2. Jiqiang Lu, Jongsung Kim, Nathan Keller, Orr Dunkelman
      Pages 17-31
    3. Kenneth Koon-Ho Wong, Bernard Colbert, Lynn Batten, Sultan Al-Hinai
      Pages 32-47
    4. Marc P. C. Fossorier, Miodrag J. Mihaljević, Hideki Imai, Yang Cui, Kanta Matsuura
      Pages 48-62
  4. Hash Functions

    1. Florian Mendel, Bart Preneel, Vincent Rijmen, Hirotaka Yoshida, Dai Watanabe
      Pages 63-79
    2. Donghoon Chang, Kishan Chand Gupta, Mridul Nandi
      Pages 80-94
    3. Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen
      Pages 95-103
  5. Provable Security: Key Agreement

  6. Invited Talk

    1. Neal Koblitz, Alfred Menezes
      Pages 148-175
  7. Provable Security: Public Key Cryptography

    1. Jaimee Brown, Juan Manuel González Nieto, Colin Boyd
      Pages 176-190
    2. Isamu Teranishi, Takuro Oyama, Wakaha Ogata
      Pages 191-205
    3. Ian F. Blake, Aldar C-F. Chan
      Pages 206-220
    4. Arpita Patra, Ashish Choudhary, K. Srinathan, C. Pandu Rangan
      Pages 221-235
  8. Symmetric Cryptography: Design

  9. Modes of Operation and Message Authentication Codes

  10. Fast Implementation of Public Key Cryptography

    1. Johannes Buchmann, Luis Carlos Coronado García, Erik Dahmen, Martin Döring, Elena Klintsevich
      Pages 349-363
  11. ID-Based Cryptography

    1. Man Ho Au, Joseph K. Liu, Willy Susilo, Tsz Hon Yuen
      Pages 364-378
    2. M. Barbosa, P. Farshim
      Pages 379-393
    3. Sanjit Chatterjee, Palash Sarkar
      Pages 394-408
  12. Embedded System and Side Channel Attacks

    1. Matthew Darnall, Doug Kuhlman
      Pages 424-435
    2. Antoine Joux, Pascal Delaunay
      Pages 436-451
  13. Back Matter

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Boolean function Public Key Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) algorithm algorithms anonymity authentication cryptanalysis cryptographic attacks cryptographic protocols cryptology data security elliptic curve cryptography embedded systems encryption schemes

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  • Rana Barua
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  • Tanja Lange
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  1. 1.Indian Statistical InstituteKolkataIndia
  2. 2.Department of Mathematics and Computer ScienceTechnische Universiteit EindhovenEindhovenNetherlands

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