Groupware: Design, Implementation, and Use

12th International Workshop, CRIWG 2006, Medina del Campo, Spain, September 17-21, 2006. Proceedings

  • Yannis A. Dimitriadis
  • Ilze Zigurs
  • Eduardo Gómez-Sánchez
Conference proceedings CRIWG 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4154)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Collaborative Applications and Group Interaction

    1. Traci Carte, Laku Chidambaram, Monica Garfield, Lindsey Hicks, Cassie Cole
      Pages 12-21
    2. Alberto L. Morán, Carmen Perez, Marcela Rodríguez
      Pages 22-37
    3. Halbana Tarmizi, Matt Payne, Cherie Noteboom, Chi Zhang, Lucas Steinhauser, Gert-Jan de Vreede et al.
      Pages 38-53
    4. Pedro Antunes, Antonio Ferreira, Jose A. Pino
      Pages 62-77
  3. Group Awareness

    1. Adriana S. Vivacqua, Jano Moreira de Souza
      Pages 78-93
    2. Benoît Otjacques, Monique Noirhomme, Xavier Gobert, Fernand Feltz
      Pages 94-101
    3. María Paula González, César A. Collazos, Toni Granollers
      Pages 102-117
  4. Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

    1. Stefan Trausan-Matu, Gerry Stahl, Johann Sarmiento
      Pages 132-139
    2. Meletis Margaritis, Nikolaos Avouris, Georgios Kahrimanis
      Pages 140-154
    3. José Antonio Marcos, Alejandra Martínez, Yannis A. Dimitriadis, Rocío Anguita
      Pages 155-162
  5. Languages and Tools Supporting Collaboration

    1. Bertrand David, René Chalon, Olivier Delotte, Guillaume Masserey, Matthieu Imbert
      Pages 163-178
    2. N. Baloian, F. Claude, R. Konow, M. Matsumoto
      Pages 179-186
    3. Manuel Caeiro-Rodríguez, Martín Llamas-Nistal, Luis Anido-Rifón
      Pages 187-202
  6. Groupware Development Frameworks and Toolkits

    1. Andrés Neyem, Sergio F. Ochoa, José A. Pino
      Pages 228-245
    2. Benjamim Fonseca, Eurico Carrapatoso
      Pages 246-261
    3. Xianghua Xu, Jian Wan
      Pages 262-269
    4. Roberto S. Silva Filho, Werner Geyer, Beth Brownholtz, David F. Redmiles
      Pages 270-285
  7. Collaborative Workspaces

    1. José Luis Garrido, Manuel Noguera, Miguel González, Miguel Gea, María V. Hurtado
      Pages 286-301
    2. Marco Aurélio Gerosa, Mariano Pimentel, Hugo Fuks, Carlos José Pereira de Lucena
      Pages 302-309
    3. Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo, Miguel L. Bote-Lorenzo, Eduardo Gómez-Sánchez, Juan I. Asensio-Pérez, Yannis A. Dimitriadis, Iván M. Jorrín-Abellán
      Pages 310-325
  8. Web-Based Cooperative Environments

    1. Stephan Lukosch, Matthias Hellweg, Martin Rasel
      Pages 326-340
    2. V. M. R. Penichet, J. A. Gallud, M. Lozano, M. Tobarra
      Pages 341-348
    3. Lingling Sun, Julita Vassileva
      Pages 349-363
  9. Mobile Collaborative Work

    1. Gustavo Zurita, Pedro Antunes, Luís Carriço, Felipe Baytelman, Marco Sá, Nelson Baloian
      Pages 364-380
    2. Jesus Camacho, Jesus Favela, Victor M. Gonzalez
      Pages 381-388
    3. Antoine Markarian, Jesus Favela, Monica Tentori, Luis A. Castro
      Pages 389-404
  10. Collaborative Design

  11. Back Matter

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  • Eduardo Gómez-Sánchez
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