Multimedia Content Representation, Classification and Security

International Workshop, MRCS 2006, Istanbul, Turkey, September 11-13, 2006. Proceedings

  • Bilge Gunsel
  • Anil K. Jain
  • A. Murat Tekalp
  • Bülent Sankur
Conference proceedings MRCS 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4105)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Invited Talk

  3. Biometric Recognition

  4. Invited Talk

  5. Multimedia Content Security: Steganography/Watermarking/Authentication

    1. Bin Liu, Fenlin Liu, Bin Lu, Xiangyang Luo
      Pages 43-48
    2. Yoan Miche, Benoit Roue, Amaury Lendasse, Patrick Bas
      Pages 49-56
    3. KokSheik Wong, Kiyoshi Tanaka, Xiaojun Qi
      Pages 57-65
    4. Suk-Hwan Lee, Ki-Ryong Kwon, Gwang S. Jung, Byungki Cha
      Pages 74-81
    5. Gaël Chareyron, Alain Trémeau
      Pages 82-89
    6. Corina Nafornita, Alexandru Isar, Monica Borda
      Pages 90-97
    7. Serkan Emek, Melih Pazarci
      Pages 98-105
    8. Jae-Won Cho, Hyun-Yeol Chung, Ho-Youl Jung
      Pages 106-113
    9. Çagatay Dikici, Khalid Idrissi, Atilla Baskurt
      Pages 114-120
    10. Chang-hui Choe, Gi Yean Hwang, Sung Hoon Kim, Hyun Seuk Yoo, Moon Ho Lee
      Pages 121-127
    11. Murat Erat, Kenan Danışman, Salih Ergün, Alper Kanak
      Pages 128-135
  6. Classification for Biometric Recognition

    1. Yu-jie Zheng, Jing-yu Yang, Jian Yang, Xiao-jun Wu, Wei-dong Wang
      Pages 136-142
    2. Cai-kou Chen, Qian-qian Peng, Jing-yu Yang
      Pages 151-158
    3. Jun Kong, Miao Qi, Yinghua Lu, Xiaole Liu, Yanjun Zhou
      Pages 175-182
    4. Binnur Kurt, A. Sima Etaner-Uyar, Tugba Akbal, Nildem Demir, Alp Emre Kanlikilicer, Merve Can Kus et al.
      Pages 183-190
    5. Anil Kumar Sao, B. Yegnanaarayana
      Pages 191-198
    6. Yoshikazu Nakamura, Masatsugu Kidode
      Pages 207-214
    7. Chaohong Wu, Sergey Tulyakov, Venu Govindaraju
      Pages 215-222
  7. Digital Watermarking

    1. Guillaume Lavoué, Florence Denis, Florent Dupont, Atilla Baskurt
      Pages 223-231
    2. Ersin Elbasi, Ahmet M. Eskicioglu
      Pages 232-240
    3. Bilge Gunsel, Yener Ulker, Serap Kirbiz
      Pages 241-248
    4. V. Suresh, S. Maria Sophia, C. E. Veni Madhavan
      Pages 249-256
    5. Min-Su Kim, Rémy Prost, Hyun-Yeol Chung, Ho-Youl Jung
      Pages 257-264
    6. Hafiz Malik, Farhan Baqai, Ashfaq Khokhar, Rashid Ansari
      Pages 265-272
  8. Content Analysis and Representation

    1. M. De Santo, G. Percannella, C. Sansone, M. Vento
      Pages 273-281
    2. Antonin Descampe, Pierre Vandergheynst, Christophe De Vleeschouwer, Benoit Macq
      Pages 282-289
    3. Julien Law-To, Valérie Gouet-Brunet, Olivier Buisson, Nozha Boujemaa
      Pages 290-297
    4. Vincent Auvray, Patrick Bouthemy, Jean Liénard
      Pages 298-305
    5. Xavier Giro, Ferran Marques
      Pages 306-313
  9. 3D Object Retrieval and Classification

    1. S. Biasotti, D. Giorgi, S. Marini, M. Spagnuolo, B. Falcidieno
      Pages 314-321
    2. Ceyhun Burak Akgül, Bülent Sankur, Francis Schmitt, Yücel Yemez
      Pages 322-329
    3. Sait Sener, Mustafa Unel
      Pages 330-337
    4. Albert Ali Salah, Lale Akarun
      Pages 338-345
  10. Representation, Analysis and Retrieval in Cultural Heritage

    1. M. van Staalduinen, J. C. A. van der Lubbe, E. Backer, P. Paclík
      Pages 346-353
    2. Ana Ioana Deac, Jan van der Lubbe, Eric Backer
      Pages 354-361
    3. Martin Kampel
      Pages 362-369
  11. Invited Talk

About these proceedings


We would like to welcome you to the proceedings of MRCS 2006, Workshop on Multimedia Content Representation, Classi?cation and Security, held Sept- ber 11–13, 2006, in Istanbul, Turkey. The goal of MRCS 2006 was to provide an erudite but friendly forum where academic and industrial researchers could interact, discuss emerging multimedia techniques and assess the signi?cance of content representation and security techniques within their problem domains. We received more than 190 submissions from 30 countries. All papers were subjected to thorough peer review. The ?nal decisions were based on the cri- cisms and recommendations of the reviewers and the relevance of papers to the goals of the conference. Only 52% of the papers submitted were accepted for inclusion in the program. In addition to the contributed papers, four distinguished researchers agreed to deliver keynote speeches, namely: – Ed Delp on multimedia security – Pierre Moulin on data hiding – John Smith on multimedia content-based indexing and search – Mar´ ?o A. T. Figueiredo on semi-supervised learning.


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  • Anil K. Jain
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  • A. Murat Tekalp
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  • Bülent Sankur
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  1. 1.Multimedia Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Lab., Dept. of Electronics and Communications Eng.Istanbul Technical UniversityIstanbulTurkey
  2. 2.Department of Computer Science and EngineeringMichigan State University 
  3. 3.College of Engineering, Koç UniversitySarıyer, İstanbulTurkey
  4. 4.Department of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringBoğaziçi UniversityIstanbulTurkey

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