Cooperative Information Agents X

10th International Workshop, CIA 2006 Edinburgh, UK, September 11-13, 2006 Proceedings

  • Matthias Klusch
  • Michael Rovatsos
  • Terry R. Payne
Conference proceedings CIA 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4149)

Also part of the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence book sub series (LNAI, volume 4149)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Invited Contributions

  3. Agent Based Information Provision

  4. Applications

    1. Mark Hoogendoorn, Catholijn M. Jonker, Jan Treur, Marian Verhaegh
      Pages 109-123
  5. Agents and Services

    1. David Lambert, David Robertson
      Pages 153-167
    2. Maíra R. Rodrigues, Michael Luck
      Pages 183-197
  6. Learning

    1. César A. Marín, Nikolay Mehandjiev
      Pages 198-212
    2. Jan Tožička, Michal Jakob, Michal Pěchouček
      Pages 213-227
    3. Mohsen Afsharchi, Behrouz H. Far
      Pages 228-242
  7. Resource and Task Allocation

    1. Michal pěchouček, Ondřej Lerch, Jiří Bíba
      Pages 258-272
    2. Martin Rehák, Přemysl Volf, Michal Pěchouček
      Pages 273-287
  8. Rational Cooperation (1)

    1. Vidya Narayanan, Nicholas R. Jennings
      Pages 288-300
    2. Koen Hindriks, Catholijn M. Jonker, Dmytro Tykhonov
      Pages 301-316
    3. Ariel D. Procaccia, Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
      Pages 317-331
  9. Rational Cooperation (2)

    1. Bastian Blankenburg, Minghua He, Matthias Klusch, Nicholas R. Jennings
      Pages 332-346
    2. Nir Oren, Alun Preece, Timothy J. Norman
      Pages 347-359
  10. Communication and Cooperation

    1. Nicola Dragoni, Mauro Gaspari
      Pages 375-387
    2. Joan Ametller-Esquerra, Jordi Cucurull-Juan, Ramon Martí, Guillermo Navarro, Sergi Robles
      Pages 388-401
    3. José Cascalho, Luis Antunes, Milton Corrêa, Helder Coelho
      Pages 402-415
    4. Riza Cenk Erdur, Inanç Seylan
      Pages 416-430
    5. María Adela Grando, Christopher David Walton
      Pages 431-445
  11. Agent Based Grid Computing

    1. Adam Barker, Robert G. Mann
      Pages 446-460
    2. Ronald Ashri, Terry R. Payne, Michael Luck, Mike Surridge, Carles Sierra, Juan Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar et al.
      Pages 461-475
  12. Back Matter

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CSCW DOM adaptive MAS agent communication agent cooperation bioinformatics classification collaborative systems communication information learning multi-agent system proving semantic web semantics

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  • Matthias Klusch
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  • Michael Rovatsos
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  • Terry R. Payne
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  1. 1.German Research Center for Artificial IntelligenceSaarbrueckenGermany
  2. 2.School of InformaticsThe University of EdinburghEdinburghUnited Kingdom
  3. 3.School of Electronics and Computer ScienceUniversity of SouthamptonSouthamptonUK

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