Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics

International Workshop, PRIB 2006, Hong Kong, China, August 20, 2006. Proceedings

  • Jagath C. Rajapakse
  • Limsoon Wong
  • Raj Acharya
Conference proceedings PRIB 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4146)

Also part of the Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics book sub series (LNBI, volume 4146)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics: An Introduction

    1. J. C. Rajapakse, L. Wong, R. Acharya
      Pages 1-3
  3. Part 1: Signal and Motif Detection; Gene Selection

    1. Ryo Okada, Manabu Sugii, Hiroshi Matsuno, Satoru Miyano
      Pages 4-14
    2. Maria Stepanova, Feng Lin, Valerie C. -L. Lin
      Pages 15-22
    3. Loi Sy Ho, Jagath C. Rajapakse
      Pages 23-31
    4. Shu Ju Hsieh, Chun Yuan Lin, Ning Han Liu, Chuan Yi Tang
      Pages 32-41
    5. Sayanthan Logeswaran, Eliathamby Ambikairajah, Julien Epps
      Pages 42-48
    6. Young Bun Kim, Jean Gao, Pawel Michalak
      Pages 71-80
  4. Part 2: Models of DNA, RNA, and Protein Structures

    1. Stanley NG Kwang Loong, Santosh K. Mishra
      Pages 81-92
    2. Blaise Gassend, Charles W. O’Donnell, William Thies, Andrew Lee, Marten van Dijk, Srinivas Devadas
      Pages 93-104
    3. Md Enamul Karim, Laxmi Parida, Arun Lakhotia
      Pages 115-125
  5. Part 3: Biological Databases and Imaging

    1. A. Sette, H. H. Bui, J. Sidney, P. Bourne, S. Buus, W. Fleri et al.
      Pages 126-132
    2. Zhuo Zhang, Merlin Veronika, See-Kiong Ng, Vladimir B Bajic
      Pages 133-139
    3. Kai-Tak Lam, Judice L. Y. Koh, Bharadwaj Veeravalli, Vladimir Brusic
      Pages 140-150
    4. Ilkka Havukkala, Lubica Benuskova, Shaoning Pang, Vishal Jain, Rene Kroon, Nikola Kasabov
      Pages 163-173
  6. Back Matter

About these proceedings


The field of bioinformatics has two main objectives: the creation and maintenance of biological databases, and the discovery of knowledge from life sciences data in order to unravel the mysteries of biological function, leading to new drugs and therapies for human disease. Life sciences data come in the form of biological sequences, structures, pathways, or literature. One major aspect of discovering biological knowledge is to search, predict, or model specific patterns of a given dataset, which have some relevance to an important biological phenomenon or another dataset. To date, many pattern recognition algorithms have been applied or catered to address a wide range of bioinformatics problems. The 2006 Workshop of Bioinformatics in Pattern Recognition (PRIB 2006) marks the beginning of a series of workshops that is aimed at gathering researchers applying pattern recognition algorithms in an attempt to resolve problems in computational biology and bioinformatics. This volume presents the proceedings of Workshop PRIB 2006 held in Hong Kong, China, on August 20, 2006. It includes 19 technical contributions that were selected by the Program Committee from 43 submissions. We give a brief introduction to pattern recognition in bioinformatics in the first paper. The rest of the volume consists of three parts. Part 1: signal and motif detection, and gene selection. Part 2: models of DNA, RNA, and protein structures. Part 3: biological databases and imaging.


Microarray algorithms association rule mining bioinformatics biomedical data analysis biomedical informatics classifcation data management data mining databases feature selection gene prediction genome pattern pattern recognition

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  • Jagath C. Rajapakse
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  • Limsoon Wong
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  • Raj Acharya
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