Digital Mammography

8th International Workshop, IWDM 2006, Manchester, UK, June 18-21, 2006. Proceedings

  • Susan M. Astley
  • Michael Brady
  • Chris Rose
  • Reyer Zwiggelaar
Conference proceedings IWDM 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4046)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Breast Density

    1. Jennifer Diffey, Alan Hufton, Susan Astley
      Pages 1-9
    2. Christina Olsén, Fredrik Georgsson
      Pages 10-17
    3. Bindu J. Augustine, Gordon E. Mawdsley, Norman F. Boyd, Martin J. Yaffe
      Pages 18-25
    4. Styliani Petroudi, Michael Brady
      Pages 34-38
    5. Styliani Petroudi, Kostantinos Marias, Michael Brady
      Pages 39-45
  3. CAD

    1. Lucy Tomlinson, Nathalie Hurley, Caroline Boggis, Julie Morris, Emma Hurley, Sue Astley
      Pages 61-67
    2. Leichter Isaac, Lederman Richard, Buchbinder Shalom, Srour Yossi, Bamberger Philippe, Sperber Fanny
      Pages 76-83
    3. Glenn Fung, Balaji Krishnapuram, Nicolas Merlet, Eli Ratner, Philippe Bamberger, Jonathan Stoeckel et al.
      Pages 84-91
    4. Yoshifumi Kuroki, Shigeru Nawano, Hidefumi Kobatake, Nachiko Uchiyama, Kazuo Shimura, Kouji Matano
      Pages 92-96
  4. Clinical Practice

    1. Susan M. Astley, Stephen W. Duffy, Caroline R. M. Boggis, Mary Wilson, Nicky B. Barr, Ursula M. Beetles et al.
      Pages 97-104
    2. Nachiko Uchiyama, Noriyuki Moriyama, Takayuki Yamada, Noriaki Ohuchi
      Pages 105-110
    3. Elizabeth A. Krupinski
      Pages 111-117
    4. Patricia Goodale Judy, Priya Raghunathan, Mark B. Williams
      Pages 118-124
    5. Olorunsola F. Agbaje, Susan M. Astley, Maureen G. C. Gillan, Caroline R. M. Boggis, Mary Wilson, Nicky B. Barr et al.
      Pages 125-130
    6. H. G. Patel, S. M. Astley, A. P. Hufton, M. Harvie, K. Hagan, T. E. Marchant et al.
      Pages 131-136
  5. Tomosynthesis

    1. Jeffrey W. Eberhard, Douglas Albagli, Andrea Schmitz, Bernhard E. H. Claus, Paul Carson, Mitchell Goodsitt et al.
      Pages 137-143
    2. Andrew D. A. Maidment, Christer Ullberg, Tom Francke, Lars Lindqvist, Skiff Sokolov, Karin Lindman et al.
      Pages 144-151
    3. Andrew P. Smith, Loren Niklason, Baorui Ren, Tao Wu, Chris Ruth, Zhenxue Jing
      Pages 160-166
    4. Bernhard E. H. Claus, Jeffrey W. Eberhard, Andrea Schmitz, Paul Carson, Mitchell Goodsitt, Heang-Ping Chan
      Pages 167-174
    5. Ann-Katherine Carton, Jingjing Li, Sara Chen, Emily Conant, Andrew D. A. Maidment
      Pages 183-189
  6. Registration and Multiple View Mammography

    1. John H. Hipwell, Christine Tanner, William R. Crum, David J. Hawkes
      Pages 197-204
    2. Mohamed Hachama, Agnès Desolneux, Frédéric Richard
      Pages 205-212
    3. Robert Martí, David Raba, Arnau Oliver, Reyer Zwiggelaar
      Pages 213-220
    4. Ryohei Nakayama, Ryoji Watanabe, Kiyoshi Namba, Koji Yamamoto, Kan Takeda, Shigehiko Katsuragawa et al.
      Pages 229-236
  7. Physics Models

    1. Ralph Highnam, Xia-Bo Pan, Ruth Warren, Mona Jeffreys, George Davey Smith, Michael Brady
      Pages 243-250
    2. Christopher Tromans, Michael Brady
      Pages 251-258
    3. R. E. van Engen, M. M. J. Swinkels, L. J. Oostveen, T. D. Geertse, R. Visser
      Pages 259-265
    4. Kenneth C. Young, James J. H. Cook, Jennifer M. Oduko
      Pages 266-272
    5. Mark B. Williams, Priya Raghunathan, Anthony Seibert, Alex Kwan, Joseph Lo, Ehsan Samei et al.
      Pages 273-280
    6. Chika Honda, Hiromu Ohara, Tomonori Gido
      Pages 281-288
    7. Christopher Parham, Etta Pisano, Chad Livasy, Laura Faulconer, Miles Wernick, Jovan Brankov et al.
      Pages 289-298
    8. James G. Mainprize, Shaista Okhai, Gina M. Clarke, Michael P. Kempston, Shawnee Eidt, Martin J. Yaffe
      Pages 299-306
  8. Poster Session

    1. Nachiko Uchiyama, Noriyuki Moriyama, Mayumi Kitagawa, Shiho Gomi, Yuichi Nagai
      Pages 315-323
    2. Mitsutaka Nemoto, Akinobu Shimizu, Hidefumi Kobatake, Hideya Takeo, Shigeru Nawano
      Pages 324-331
    3. Enrico Angelini, Renato Campanini, Emiro Iampieri, Nico Lanconelli, Matteo Masotti, Todor Petkov et al.
      Pages 340-346
    4. Yuan Wu, Qian Huang, YongHong Peng, Wuchao Situ
      Pages 347-354
    5. Michael Berks, Jennifer Diffey, Alan Hufton, Susan Astley
      Pages 355-361
    6. Kenneth C. Young, James J. H. Cook, Jennifer M. Oduko
      Pages 362-369

About these proceedings


This volume of Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science series records th the proceedings of the 8 International Workshop on Digital Mammography (IWDM), which was held in Manchester, UK, June 18–21, 2006. The meetings bringtogetheradiversesetofresearchers(physicists,mathematicians,computer scientists, engineers), clinicians (radiologists, surgeons) and representatives of industry, who are jointly committed to developing technology, not just for its ownsake,but to supportclinicians inthe earlydetection andsubsequentpatient management of breast cancer. The conference series was initiated at a 1993 meeting of the SPIE in San Jose, with subsequent meetings hosted every two years by researchers around the world. Previous meetings were held in York, Chicago, Nijmegen, Toronto, Bremen, and North Carolina. It is interesting to re?ect on the changes that have occurred during the past 13 years. Then, the dominant technology was ?lm-screen mammography; now it is full-?eld digital mammography. Then, there were few screening programmes world-wide; now there are many. Then, there was the hope that computer-aided detection (CAD) of early signs of cancer might be possible; now CAD is not only a reality but (more importantly) a commercially led clinical reality. Then, algorithmswerealmostentirelyheuristicwithlittleclinicalsupport;nowthereis arequirementforsubstantialclinicalsupportforanyalgorithmthatisdeveloped and published. However, upon re?ection, could we have predicted with absolute certainty what would be the key questions to be addressed over the subsequent (say) six years? No! That is the nature, joy, and frustration of research. There are more blind alleys to explore than there are rich veins that bring gold (in all senses of that analogy!).


CAD Performance Textur algorithms biomedical image processing biomedical modeling breast cancer classification computed tomography (CT) digital tomosynthesis image analysis image compression image registration learning proving

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  • Michael Brady
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  • Chris Rose
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  • Reyer Zwiggelaar
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  2. 2.Wolfson Medical Vision LabUniversity of OxfordUK
  3. 3.Imaging Science and Biomedical EngineeeringUniversity of ManchesterManchesterUK
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