Coding and Cryptography

International Workshop, WCC 2005, Bergen, Norway, March 14-18, 2005. Revised Selected Papers

  • Øyvind Ytrehus
Conference proceedings WCC 2005

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3969)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Nina I. Pilipchuk, Ernst M. Gabidulin
    Pages 14-21
  3. Georg Schmidt, Vladimir R. Sidorenko, Martin Bossert
    Pages 22-35
  4. Yves Aubry, Philippe Langevin
    Pages 46-54
  5. Jyrki Lahtonen, Kalle Ranto, Roope Vehkalahti
    Pages 55-68
  6. Olgica Milenkovic, Navin Kashyap
    Pages 100-119
  7. Clemens Adelmann, Arne Winterhof
    Pages 144-154
  8. Krystian Matusiewicz, Josef Pieprzyk
    Pages 164-177
  9. Alfredo De Santis, Anna Lisa Ferrara, Barbara Masucci
    Pages 202-217
  10. Adama Diene, Jintai Ding, Jason E. Gower, Timothy J. Hodges, Zhijun Yin
    Pages 242-251
  11. Damien Vergnaud
    Pages 252-274
  12. Lihua Wang, Eiji Okamoto, Ying Miao, Takeshi Okamoto, Hiroshi Doi
    Pages 291-303
  13. Françoise Levy-dit-Vehel, Ludovic Perret
    Pages 316-329
  14. Xiangyong Zeng, Lei Hu, Qingchong Liu
    Pages 346-353
  15. Berndt M. Gammel, Rainer Göttfert
    Pages 354-370
  16. Yun-Pyo Hong, Hong-Yeop Song
    Pages 386-396
  17. Constanza Riera, Matthew G. Parker
    Pages 397-411
  18. Ruben G. Lobo, Donald L. Bitzer, Mladen A. Vouk
    Pages 427-441
  19. Back Matter

About these proceedings


Thisvolumecontainsrefereedpapersdevotedtocodingandcryptography.These papers arethe full versionsof a selectionof the best extended abstractsaccepted for presentation at the International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography (WCC 2005) held in Bergen, Norway, March 14–18, 2005. Each of the 118 - tended abstracts originallysubmitted to the workshop were reviewed by at least two members of the Program Committee. As a result of this screening process, 58 papers were selected for presentation, of which 52 were eventually presented at the workshop together with four invited talks. The authors of the presented papers were in turn invited to submit full v- sions of their papers to the full proceedings. Each of the full-version submissions were once again thoroughly examined and commented upon by at least two reviewers. This volume is the end result of this long process. I am grateful to the reviewers who contributed to guaranteeing the high standards of this volume, and who are named on the next pages. It was a pl- sure for me to work with my program co-chair Pascale Charpin, whose expe- enced advice I havefurther bene?ted greatly from during the preparationof this ´ volume. Discussions with Tor Helleseth and Angela Barbero were also useful in putting the volume together. Finally, I would like to thank all the authors and all the other participants of the WCC 2005 for making it in every sense a highly enjoyable event.


Code Elliptic Curve Cryptography Error-correcting Code Time Hopping access control authentication coding coding theory cryptanalysis cryptography cryptology cryptosystems decoding error-correcting codes finite field

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