Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2006

International Conference, Glasgow, UK, May 8-11, 2006, Proceedings, Part III

  • Marina Gavrilova
  • Osvaldo Gervasi
  • Vipin Kumar
  • C. J. Kenneth Tan
  • David Taniar
  • Antonio Laganá
  • Youngsong Mun
  • Hyunseung Choo
Conference proceedings ICCSA 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3982)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Workshop on Approaches or Methods of Security Engineering (AMSE 2006, Sess. A)

    1. Shoichi Morimoto, Daisuke Horie, Jingde Cheng
      Pages 1-10
    2. Byeongchang Kim, Gary Geunbae Lee
      Pages 21-30
    3. Eung Soo Kim, Min Sung Kim
      Pages 31-37
    4. Byung-kwan Lee, Seung-hae Yang, Dong-Hyuck Kwon, Dai-Youn Kim
      Pages 38-47
    5. InJung Kim, YoonJung Chung, YoungGyo Lee, Eul Gyu Im, Dongho Won
      Pages 54-63
    6. Youngrag Kim, JaeYoun Jung, Seunghwan Lee, Chonggun Kim
      Pages 64-72
    7. SeongKwon Cheon, DongXue Jin, ChongGun Kim
      Pages 73-83
    8. Haeng-Kon Kim, Sang-Yong Byun
      Pages 84-92
    9. Mary Wu, SangJoon Jung, Seunghwan Lee, Chonggun Kim
      Pages 93-103
    10. Kyung-Hoon Jung, Seok-Cheol Lee, Hyun-Suk Hwang, Chang-Soo Kim
      Pages 115-124
    11. Hyun-Suk Hwang, Kyoo-Seok Park, Chang-Soo Kim
      Pages 125-133
    12. Tae-Young Byun, Minsu Kim, Sungho Hwang, Sung-Eok Jeon
      Pages 134-143
    13. Misun Kim, Minsoo Kim, JaeHyun Seo
      Pages 154-162
    14. Haeng-Kon Kim
      Pages 163-171
    15. Kwang-Baek Kim, Byung-Kwan Lee, Soon-Ho Kim
      Pages 172-177
    16. Hyung-Su Jeon, Hye-Min Noh, Cheol-Jung Yoo, Ok-Bae Chang
      Pages 188-197
    17. Haeng-Kon Kim, Youn-Ky Chung
      Pages 198-205
    18. Injoo Jang, Hyeong Seon Yoo
      Pages 206-212
    19. Wenbo Shi, Hyeong Seon Yoo
      Pages 213-221
    20. Sangjoon Jung, Chonggun Kim, Younky Chung
      Pages 234-243
    21. Youngchul Bae, MalRey Lee, Thomas M. Gatton
      Pages 244-250
    22. Chang-Sun Shin, Dong-In Ahn, Hyun Yoe, Su-Chong Joo
      Pages 251-260
    23. Byung-kwan Lee, Chang-min Kim, Dae-won Shin, Seung-hae Yang
      Pages 261-268
    24. Oh-Hyung Kang, Ji-Hyun Lee, Yang-Won Rhee
      Pages 287-297
  3. Workshop on Applied Cryptography and Information Security (ACIS 2006)

    1. Jin Li, Yuen-Yan Chan, Yanming Wang
      Pages 309-317
    2. He Ge, Stephen R. Tate
      Pages 327-337
    3. Marc Joye, Hung-Mei Lin
      Pages 338-344
    4. Qianhong Wu, Willy Susilo, Yi Mu, Fanguo Zhang
      Pages 345-354
    5. Jens-Matthias Bohli
      Pages 355-364
    6. Dong-Guk Han, Tsuyoshi Takagi, Ho Won Kim, Kyo Il Chung
      Pages 375-384
    7. Hyungwoo Kang, Kibom Kim, Soonjwa Hong, Dong Hoon Lee
      Pages 385-394
    8. Kaouthar Blibech, Alban Gabillon
      Pages 395-405
    9. Hsien-Chu Wu, Chuan-Po Yeh, Chwei-Shyong Tsai
      Pages 406-415
    10. Khoongming Khoo, Swee-Huay Heng
      Pages 416-425
    11. Changhoon Lee, Jongsung Kim, Jaechul Sung, Seokhie Hong, Sangjin Lee
      Pages 446-455
    12. Ignacio Algredo-Badillo, Claudia Feregrino-Uribe, René Cumplido
      Pages 456-465

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About these proceedings


This ?ve-volume set was compiled following the 2006 International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications, ICCSA 2006, held in Glasgow, UK, during May 8–11, 2006. It represents the outstanding collection of almost 664 refereed papers selected from over 2,450 submissions to ICCSA 2006. Computational science has ?rmly established itself as a vital part of many scienti?c investigations, a?ecting researchers and practitioners in areas ranging from applications such as aerospace and automotive, to emerging technologies such as bioinformatics and nanotechnologies, to core disciplines such as ma- ematics, physics, and chemistry. Due to the shear size of many challenges in computational science, the use of supercomputing, parallel processing, and - phisticated algorithms is inevitable and becomes a part of fundamental theore- cal research as well as endeavors in emerging ?elds. Together, these far-reaching scienti?c areas contributed to shaping this conference in the realms of state-- the-art computational science researchand applications, encompassing the fac- itating theoretical foundations and the innovative applications of such results in other areas.


Performance algorithms bioinformatics computational geometry computer computer science data security geometric modelling modeling optimization security visualization

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  • Marina Gavrilova
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  • Osvaldo Gervasi
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  • Vipin Kumar
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  • C. J. Kenneth Tan
    • 4
  • David Taniar
    • 5
  • Antonio Laganá
    • 6
  • Youngsong Mun
    • 7
  • Hyunseung Choo
    • 8
  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of CalgaryCalgaryCanada
  2. 2.Department of Mathematics and Computer ScienceUniversity of PerugiaPerugiaItaly
  3. 3.William Norris Professor, Head of the Computer Science and Engineering DepartmentUniversity of MinnesotaUSA
  4. 4.OptimaNumerics Ltd.BelfastUK
  5. 5.Clayton School of ITMonash UniversityClaytonAustralia
  6. 6.Department of ChemistryUniversity of PerugiaPerugiaItaly
  7. 7.School of ComputingSoongsil UniversitySeoulKorea
  8. 8.School of Information and Communication EngineeringSungkyunkwan UniversityKorea

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