Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Oral Presentations

    1. Jan J. Koenderink, Andrea van Doorn
      Pages 1-11
    2. Bo Markussen, Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, Marco Loog
      Pages 12-23
    3. André Diatta, Peter Giblin
      Pages 36-48
    4. Stephen M. Pizer, Ja-Yeon Jeong, Robert E. Broadhurst, Sean Ho, Joshua Stough
      Pages 49-59
    5. Stephen M. Pizer, Ja-Yeon Jeong, Conglin Lu, Keith Muller, Sarang Joshi
      Pages 60-71
    6. Robert E. Broadhurst, Joshua Stough, Stephen M. Pizer, Edward L. Chaney
      Pages 72-83
    7. Bernhard Burgeth, Stephan Didas, Joachim Weickert
      Pages 84-95
    8. Pierre Fillard, Vincent Arsigny, Nicholas Ayache, Xavier Pennec
      Pages 112-123
    9. Markus van Almsick, Remco Duits, Erik Franken, Bart ter Haar Romeny
      Pages 124-134
    10. Marco Loog, Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, Bo Markussen
      Pages 146-156
  3. Poster Presentations

    1. Arjan Kuijper
      Pages 169-180
    2. Tomoya Sakai, Atsushi Imiya
      Pages 181-192
    3. Arjan Kuijper, Ole Fogh Olsen
      Pages 193-204
    4. Sylvia C. Pont, Jan J. Koenderink
      Pages 205-210
    5. B. Platel, E. Balmachnova, L. M. J. Florack, F. M. W. Kanters, B. M. ter Haar Romeny
      Pages 211-222
    6. Kerawit Somchaipeng, Jon Sporring, Sven Kreiborg, Peter Johansen
      Pages 223-233
    7. Remco Duits, Frans Kanters, Luc Florack, Bart ter Haar Romeny
      Pages 234-248
  4. Back Matter

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3D Computer Vision Textur feature extraction feature selection image analysis image descriptors image enhancement image matching object recognition reconstraction registration shape representations singularity theory structural search

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  • Ole Fogh Olsen
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  • Luc Florack
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  • Arjan Kuijper
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  1. 1.IT University of CopenhagenCopenhagen SouthDenmark
  2. 2.Technische Universiteit EindhovenEindhovenThe Netherlands
  3. 3.Radon Institute for Computational and Applied MathematicsLinzAustria

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