Marine Biodiversity

Patterns and Processes, Assessment, Threats, Management and Conservation

  • K. Martens
  • H. Queiroga
  • M. R. Cunha
  • A. Cunha
  • M. H. Moreira
  • V. Quintino
  • A. M. Rodrigues
  • J. Seroôdio
  • R. M. Warwick

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 183)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Patterns And Processes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Structure and function

      1. Pedro Duarte, Maria Filomena Macedo, Luís Cancela da Fonseca
        Pages 3-18
      2. J. Patr#x00ED;cio, R. Ulanowicz, M. A. Pardal, J. C. Marques
        Pages 19-30
    3. Abiotic control of communities and ecosystems

      1. I. Cetinić, D. Viličić, Z. Burić, G. Olujć
        Pages 31-40
      2. Artemis Nicolaidou, Konstantinos Petrou, Konstantinos Ar. Kormas, Sofia Reizopoulou
        Pages 89-98
      3. Ana Maria Rodrigues, Sónia Meireles, Teresa Pereira, Alice Gama, Victor Quintino
        Pages 99-113
    4. Biological control of communities and ecosystems

      1. John R. Dolan, Rodolphe Lemée, Stéphane Gasparini, Laure Mousseau, Céline Heyndrickx
        Pages 143-157
      2. Anita Franco, Piero Franzoi, Stefano Malavasi, Federico Riccato, Patrizia Torricelli
        Pages 159-174
    5. Biogeography

      1. Sílvia G. Pereira, Fernando P. Lima, Nuno C. Queiroz, Pedro A. Ribeiro, António M. Santos
        Pages 185-192
    6. Secondary space

    7. Unusual habitats

      1. Vincent Zintzen, Claude Massin, Alain Norro, Jérôme Mallefet
        Pages 207-219
  3. Assesment

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 221-221
    2. Nuno C. Queiroz, Fernando P. Lima, Pedro A. Ribeiro, Sílvia G. Pereira, António M. Santos
      Pages 223-227
  4. Threats

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229
    2. Short- and long-term climate change

      1. Francisco Kelmo, Martin J. Attrill, Malcolm B. Jones
        Pages 231-240
      2. N. Mieszkowska, M. A. Kendall, S. J. Hawkins, R. Leaper, P. Williamson, N. J. Hardman-Mountford et al.
        Pages 241-251
    3. Physical disturbance

    4. Chemical and organic pollution

    5. Toxic organisms

      1. M. Leonardi, F. Azzaro, M. Galletta, M. G. Giacobbe, M. Masò, A. Penna
        Pages 299-305
  5. Management and Conservation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 307-307
    2. Habitat characterization and sensitivity

    3. Artificial reefs

      1. Diana Boaventura, Ana Moura, Francisco Leitão, Susana Carvalho, João Cúrdia, Paula Pereira et al.
        Pages 335-343

About this book


This volume presents selected contributions given to the 38th European Marine Biology Symposium, held in Aveiro, Portugal, in September 2003.

Understanding the functioning of Marine Ecosystems is the first step to measure and predict the influence of Man, and to find solutions for the enormous array of problems we face today. This volume is organised according to the four subthemes of the symposium and to issues commonly perceived as relevant by scientists concerned with the study, protection and management of Marine Biodiversity: patterns and processes, assessment, threats and management and conservation.

The 32 papers that make up this book represent the current research and concerns about Marine Biodiversity in Europe, and will have wide appeal to all those interested in understanding and preserving the marine ecosystems of the world's oceans.

Reprinted from HYDROBIOLOGIA volume 555(2006)


algae benthic biodiversity biology ecology ecosystem environment evolution fauna macroinvertebrate marine biology marine ecology nature conservation phytoplankton plankton

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  • K. Martens
  • H. Queiroga
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  • M. R. Cunha
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  • A. Cunha
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  • M. H. Moreira
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  • V. Quintino
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  • A. M. Rodrigues
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  • J. Seroôdio
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  • R. M. Warwick
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  1. 1.Universidade de Aveiro, Departamento de BiologiaCESAM-Centro de Estudos do Ambiente e do MarAveiroPortugal
  2. 2.Plymouth Marine LaboratoryPlymouthUK

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