Semantics in Acquisition

  • Veerle van Geenhoven

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. The development of the syntax-semantics interface

  3. Acquiring Universal Quantification

    1. Luisa Meroni, Andrea Gualmini, Stephen Crain
      Pages 89-114
  4. Time in the language of a learner

  5. Finiteness and its development

    1. Wolfgang Klein
      Pages 245-272
    2. Petra Gretsch
      Pages 273-302
  6. Focus particles in child language

    1. Wenda Bergsma
      Pages 329-348
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 349-358

About this book


This book is unique in that it relates two linguistic subfields: Semantics and Language Acquisition. The volume contains a collection of writings that focuses on semantic phenomena and their interpretation in the analysis of the language of a learner. The variety of phenomena that are addressed is substantial: temporal aspect and tense, specificity, quantification, scope, finiteness, focus structure, and focus particles. The number of languages in which these phenomena are investigated is very large as well: Dutch, English, German, Inuktitut, Italian, Japanese, and Polish, to name a few. The volume creates a theoretical as well as an empirical bridge between semantic research on the one hand and psycholinguistic acquisition studies on the other.


Acquisition Psycholinguist Syntax Temporal aspect Tense language acquisition semantic semantic research semantics

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  • Veerle van Geenhoven
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  1. 1.Radboud UniversiteitThe Netherlands

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