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A Comparison of the Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems

Proceedings of the Sixth Alexander von Humboldt Colloquium on Celestial Mechanics Bad Hofgastein (Austria), 21–27 March 2004

  • Editors
  • Rudolf Dvorak
  • Sylvio Ferraz-Mello
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Rudolf Dvorak, Richard Schwarz
    Pages 19-28
  3. Kleomenis Tsiganis, Harry Varvoglis, Rudolf Dvorak
    Pages 71-87
  4. Bálint Érdi, Zsolt Sándor
    Pages 113-121
  5. Dionyssia Psychoyos, John D. Hadjidemetriou
    Pages 135-156
  6. C. Kalapotharakos, N. Voglis
    Pages 157-188
  7. G. Contopoulos, M. Harsoula
    Pages 189-217
  8. J. E. Howard
    Pages 219-241
  9. Claude Froeschle, Massimiliano Guzzo, Elena Lega
    Pages 243-255
  10. Yi-Sui Sun, Li-Yong Zhou, Ji-Lin Zhou
    Pages 257-272
  11. H. Lammer, Yu. N. Kulikov, T. Penz, M. Leitner, H. K. Biernat, N. V. Erkaev
    Pages 273-285
  12. W. von Bloh, C. Bounama, S. Franck
    Pages 287-300

About these proceedings


The papers in this volume cover a wide range of subjects covering the most recent developments in Celestial Mechanics from the theoretical point of nonlinear dynamical systems to the application to real problems. We emphasize the papers on the formation of planetary systems, their stability and also the problem of habitable zones in extrasolar planetary systems. A special topic is the stability of Trojans in our planetary system, where more and more realistic dynamical models are used to explain their complex motions: besides the important contribution from the theoretical point of view, the results of several numerical experiments unraveled the structure of the stable zone around the librations points.
This volume will be of interest to astronomers and mathematicians interested in Hamiltonian mechanics and in the dynamics of planetary systems.


Astrometry Celestial mechanics Galaxy Planet Planetary system Solar System solar stellar

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