A Physiological Process with Ecological Implications

  • Manuel J. Reigosa
  • Nuria Pedrol
  • Luís González

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-11
  2. General

    1. Chang-Hung Chou
      Pages 1-9
  3. Methodological Aspects

    1. Franck E. Dayan, Stephen O. Duke
      Pages 63-83
    2. E. Lo Piparo, F. Fratev, P. Mazzatorta, M. Smiesko, E. Benfenati
      Pages 105-126
  4. Physiological Aspects of Allelopathy

    1. Y.H. Zhou, J.Q. Yu
      Pages 127-139
    2. Adela M. Sánchez-Moreiras, Teodoro Coba de la Peña, Manuel J. Reigosa Roger
      Pages 141-156
    3. Margot Schulz, Mona Knop, Sandra Kant, Dieter Sicker, Nataliya Voloshchuk, Andrej Gryganski
      Pages 157-170
    4. Nuria Pedrol, Luís González, Manuel J. Reigosa
      Pages 171-209
    5. Gawronska H., Golisz A.
      Pages 211-227
    6. B. Lotina-Hennsen, B. King-Diaz, M.I. Aguilar, M. G. Hernandez Terrones
      Pages 229-265
    7. Ishii-Iwamoto E.L., Abrahim D., Sert M.A, Bonato C.M, Kelmer-Bracht A.M, Bracht A.
      Pages 267-284
  5. Ecophysiology and Allelopathy

    1. Giovanni Aliotta, Gennaro Cafiero, Ana Martìnez Otero
      Pages 285-297
    2. D Vokou, D Chalkos, K Karamanoli
      Pages 341-371
  6. Ecological Aspects of Allelopathy

  7. Allelopathy in Different Environments

    1. Edna Granéli, Henrik Pavia
      Pages 415-431
    2. Erhard D.
      Pages 433-450
    3. Reigosa M.J, Gonzalez L.
      Pages 451-463
    4. Kohli R.H, Batish D.R, Singh H.P.
      Pages 465-493
  8. Applied Apsects of Allelopathy

    1. Francisco A. Macías, María D. García-Díaz, Jesús Jorrín, J.C.G. Galindo
      Pages 495-510
    2. Duke S.O, Dayan F.E
      Pages 511-536

About this book


This book provides the reader relevant information about actual knowledge about the process of allelopathy, covering all aspects from the molecular to the ecological level. Special relevance is given to the physiological and ecophysiological aspects of allelopathy. Several ecosystems are studied and methodological considerations are taken into account in several different chapters. The book has been written to be useful both for Ph.D. students and for senior researchers, so the chapters include all necessary information to be read by beginners, but they also include a lot of useful information and discussion for the initiated.


Allelopathy Homeostasis agroecosystems ecosystem ecosystems environment photosynthesis physiology

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  • Manuel J. Reigosa
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  • Nuria Pedrol
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  • Luís González
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  1. 1.University of VigoSpain
  2. 2.SERIDAAsturiasSpain

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