Sandwich Structures 7: Advancing with Sandwich Structures and Materials

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Sandwich Structures, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark, 29–31 August 2005

  • O.T. Thomsen
  • E. Bozhevolnaya
  • A. Lyckegaard
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Keynote Lectures

    1. Axel S. Herrmann, Pierre C. Zahlen, Ichwan Zuardy
      Pages 13-26
  3. Sessions Organised by the ONR (Office of Naval Research, U.S. Navy, Program Manager Dr. Y. Rajapakse)

    1. Anders Lyckegaard, Elena Bozhevolnaya, Ole Thybo Thomsen
      Pages 67-76
    2. Elena Bozhevolnaya, Anders Lyckegaard, Ole Thybo Thomsen
      Pages 77-86
    3. D.C. Loup, R.C. Matteson, A.W.J. Gielen
      Pages 87-96
    4. Liviu Librescu, Sang-Yong Oh, Jörg Hohe
      Pages 97-106
    5. George J. Dvorak, Yehia A. Bahei-El-Din
      Pages 107-116
    6. R.C. Matteson, L.A. Carlsson, F. Aviles, D.C. Loup
      Pages 121-130
    7. Kunigal Shivakumar, Huanchun Chen, Anil Bhargava
      Pages 131-142
    8. Andres Cecchini, Frederick Just-Agosto, David Serrano, Basir Shafiq
      Pages 143-152
    9. Basir Shafiq, Amilcar Quispitupa, Frederick Just, Miguel Banos
      Pages 153-160
    10. Elena Bozhevolnaya, Anders Lyckegaard, Ole Thybo Thomsen
      Pages 161-170
    11. Dan Zenkert, Andrey Shipsha, 1Magnus Burman
      Pages 171-181
    12. Hassan Mahfuz, Shaik Zainuddin, Mohammed F. Uddin, Vijaya K. Rangari, Shaik Jeelani
      Pages 183-192
    13. Y.J. Weitsman, X. Li, A. Ionita
      Pages 193-197
  4. Modelling, Analysis and Design

    1. H. Hu, S. Belouettar, E. Daya, M. Potier-Ferry
      Pages 211-220
    2. Jorn S. Hansen, Graeme Kennedy, Sergio F.M. de Almeida
      Pages 221-230
    3. Carla M.C. Roque, António J.M. Ferreira, Renato M.N. Jorge
      Pages 231-240
    4. Marco Leite, Arlindo Silva, Manuel de Freitas
      Pages 271-280
    5. V.A. Polyakov, R.P. Shlitsa, V.V. Khitrov, V.I. Zhigun
      Pages 291-299
    6. Markus Linke, Wolfgang Wohlers, Hans-Günther Reimerdes
      Pages 311-320
    7. Jochen Pflug, Ignaas Verpoest
      Pages 331-339
  5. Fracture and Damage Tolerance

    1. Brian Hayman, Christian Berggreen, Robert Pettersson
      Pages 393-402
    2. Perttu Jolma, Sebastian Segercrantz, Christian Berggreen
      Pages 403-412
    3. Rasmus C. Østergaard, Bent F. Sørensen
      Pages 413-422
    4. E.E. Theotokoglou, L.A. Carlssson, C.D. Vrettos, H. Mahfuz
      Pages 423-431
    5. Lukas Berger, Markus Morgenthaler, Wesley Cantwell, Kurt Feichtinger, Russell Elkin
      Pages 433-440
    6. Markus Morgenthaler, Lukas Berger, Kurt Feichtinger, Russell Elkin
      Pages 441-450
    7. Christian Lundsgaard-Larsen, Christian Berggreen, Alexandros Nøkkentved
      Pages 451-460
    8. Paavo Hassinen
      Pages 471-476
    9. Alexander W.J. Gielen, Wim Trouwborst, Douglas C. Loup
      Pages 477-486
    10. M. Styles, P. Compston, S. Kalyanasundaram
      Pages 487-496

About these proceedings


Sandwich structures represent a special form of a laminated composite material or structural elements, where a relatively thick, lightweight and compliant core material separates thin stiff and strong face sheets. The faces are usually made of laminated polymeric based composite materials, and typically, the core can be a honeycomb type material, a polymeric foam or balsa wood. The faces and the core are joined by adhesive bonding, which ensures the load transfer between the sandwich constituent parts. The result is a special laminate with very high bending stiffness and strength to weight ratios. Sandwich structures are being used successfully for a variety of applications such as spacecraft, aircraft, train and car structures, wind turbine blades, boat/ship superstructures, boat/ship hulls and many others.

The overall objective of the 7th International Conference on Sandwich Structures (ICSS-7) is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research and technology on all aspects of sandwich structures and materials, spanning the entire spectrum of research to applications in all the fields listed above.


3D Analysis CIM Natur Vibration buckling composite materials environment mechanics modeling science stability technology

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