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Multi-Robot Systems. From Swarms to Intelligent Automata Volume III

Proceedings from the 2005 International Workshop on Multi-Robot Systems

  • Lynne E. Parker
  • Frank E. Schneider
  • Alan C. Schultz
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Task Allocation

    1. Craig Tovey, Michail G. Lagoudakis, Sonal Jain, Sven Koenig
      Pages 3-14
    2. Lovekesh Vig, Julie A. Adams
      Pages 15-26
    3. Maxim A. Batalin, Gaurav S. Sukhatme
      Pages 27-38
  3. Coordination in Dynamic Environments

    1. Zhihua Qu, Jing Wang, Richard A. Hull
      Pages 41-52
    2. Colin P. McMillen, Paul E. Rybski, Manuela M. Veloso
      Pages 53-64
    3. Brian P. Gerkey, Sebastian Thrun, Geoff Gordon
      Pages 65-77
    4. Colin Cherry, Hong Zhang
      Pages 79-90
  4. Information / Sensor Sharing and Fusion

    1. Maayan Roth, Reid Simmons, Manuela Veloso
      Pages 93-105
    2. Matthew Powers, Ramprasad Ravichandran, Frank Dellaert, Tucker Balch
      Pages 107-117
    3. Lynne E. Parker, Maureen Chandra, Fang Tang
      Pages 119-130
  5. Distributed Mapping and Coverage

    1. Francesco Amigoni, Simone Gasparini, Maria Gini
      Pages 133-144
    2. Ioannis Rekleitis, Ai Peng New, Howie Choset
      Pages 145-155
  6. Motion Planning and Control

    1. James Bruce, Manuela Veloso
      Pages 159-170
    2. Rafael Fierro, Justin Clark, Dean Hougen, Sesh Commuri
      Pages 171-182
  7. Human-Robot Interaction

    1. Michael A. Goodrich, Morgan Quigley, Keryl Cosenzo
      Pages 185-195
    2. Brennan Sellner, Reid Simmons, Sanjiv Singh
      Pages 197-208
  8. Applications

    1. Diana Spears, Dimitri Zarzhitsky, David Thayer
      Pages 211-221
    2. L. Chaimowicz, A. Cowley, D. Gomez-Ibanez, B. Grocholsky, M. A. Hsieh, H. Hsu et al.
      Pages 223-234
    3. Ashley Stroupe, Terry Huntsberger, Avi Okon, Hrand Aghazarian
      Pages 235-248

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Radio Sensor algorithms architecture automata autonom communication dynamical systems learning mobile robot modeling motion planning proving robot unmanned aerial vehicle

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  • Lynne E. Parker
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  • Frank E. Schneider
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  • Alan C. Schultz
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  1. 1.The University of TennesseeKnoxvilleUSA
  2. 2.FGANWachtbergGermany
  3. 3.Naval Research LaboratoryNavy Center for Applied Research in A.I.Washington, DCUSA

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