Modulation of Host Gene Expression and Innate Immunity by Viruses

  • Peter Palese

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  2. Megan L. Shaw, Peter Palese
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  3. David E. Levy, Isabelle J. Marié
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  4. Saumendra N. Sarkar, Gregory A. Peters, Ganes C. Sen
    Pages 35-63
  5. Markus Wagner, Shahram Misaghi, Hidde L. Ploegh
    Pages 65-94
  6. Adolfo García-Sastre
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  7. Nicola Stock, Stephen Goodbourn, Richard E. Randall
    Pages 115-139
  8. Sunil J. Advani, Bernard Roizman
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  9. James B. Johnston, Grant McFadden
    Pages 163-195
  10. Christopher F. Basler
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  11. Susan R. Ross
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  12. Montrell Seay, Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar, Beth Levine
    Pages 245-279
  13. Eunhwa Choi, Stephen J. Chanock
    Pages 281-294
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About this book


This book is an excellent, up-to-date reference on a relatively young area of research in which virology, cellular biology and molecular pathogenesis govern the principles of coinvestigation. Thus, the book will be of great interest to virologists, molecular immunologists and biologists, and biochemists but also to clinical pharmacologists in the long-term search for new antiviral agents. Ulrich Desselberger, Gif-sur-Yvette/Cambridge.

Infection of a naïve (non-immune) host with a virus elicits an immediate response which results in a cascade of changes in the host, including an interferon response (innate immunity). The outcome of this interaction is influenced by the genes of the virus as well as the genes of the host. Interestingly, different viruses do it in different ways. Not only is there a plethora of mechanisms used by the invading organisms, but the host has also evolved a great variety of redundant and robust countermeasures. This interplay of host and virus represents one of the most significant frontiers in biology today. A clearer understanding of the mechanisms involved will arm us with better strategies to deal with viruses, including emerging pathogens and potential bioterrorism agents. This book is sure to benefit students, scientists, and physicians working in the areas of virology, immunology, microbiology, and infectious diseases. Pharmaceutical industry professionals will also find interest in this illuminating look into virus/host interactions.


RNA Viruses host defenses immune system immunity infection infections infectious disease innate immunity interferon microbe microbes pathogenesis viral infection virus

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