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Semiconductor Physical Electronics

  • Sheng S. Li


  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the physical and operational principles of semiconductor materials and devices

  • Serves as an essential graduate text and reference work for the understanding of basic device physics

  • Updated and revised to reflect advances in semiconductor technologies over the past decade


Table of contents

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    Pages I-XIII
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    Pages 26-44
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    Pages 105-133
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    Pages 171-210
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    Pages 284-333
  8. Sheng S. Li
    Pages 334-380
  9. Sheng S. Li
    Pages 381-457
  10. Sheng S. Li
    Pages 458-512
  11. Sheng S. Li
    Pages 513-566
  12. Sheng S. Li
    Pages 613-663
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 664-697

About this book


Semiconductor Physical Electronics, Second Edition, provides comprehensive coverage of fundamental semiconductor physics that is essential to an understanding of the physical and operational principles of a wide variety of semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices. This text presents a unified and balanced treatment of the physics, characterization, and applications of semiconductor materials and devices for physicists and material scientists who need further exposure to semiconductor and photonic devices, and for device engineers who need additional background on the underlying physical principles. This updated and revised second edition reflects advances in semicondutor technologies over the past decade, including many new semiconductor devices that have emerged and entered into the marketplace. It is suitable for graduate students in electrical engineering, materials science, physics, and chemical engineering, and as a general reference for processing and device engineers working in the semicondictor industry. 


Diode bipolar junction transistor electrical engineering electronics field-effect transistor material mechanics optical properties optoelectronic devices physics quantum mechanics semiconductor semiconductor devices semiconductor physics tra

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