Computational Intelligence

for Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Diego Andina
  • Duc Truong Pham

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. D. T. Pham, P. T. N. Pham, M. S. Packianather, A. A. Afify
    Pages 1-38
  3. D. Andina, A. Vega-Corona, J. I. Seijas, J. Torres-Garcìa
    Pages 39-65
  4. D. T. Pham, M. S. Packianather, A. A. Afify
    Pages 67-92
  5. D. Andina, A. Vega-Corona, J. I. Seijas, M. J. Alarcòn
    Pages 93-108
  6. Ascensiòn Gallardo Antolìn, Juan Pascual Garcìa, Josè Luis Sancho Gòmez
    Pages 109-130
  7. Javier Ropero Pelàez, Jose Roberto Castillo Piqueira
    Pages 131-146
  8. Jaime Gòmez Sàenz de Tejada, Juan Seijas Martìnez-Echevarrìa
    Pages 147-191
  9. Ana M. Tarquis, Valeriano Mèndez, Juan B. Grau, Josè M. Antòn, Diego Andina
    Pages 193-212

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Soft Computing Support Vector Machine artificial intelligence artificial neural network communication communication systems computational intelligence fuzzy intelligence learning manufacturing network neural network neural networks uncertain

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  • Diego Andina
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  • Duc Truong Pham
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  1. 1.Technical University of Madrid (UPM)Spain
  2. 2.Manufacturing Engineering CenterCardiff UniversityCardiff

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