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Early Life Origins of Health and Disease

  • E. Marelyn Wintour
  • Julie A. Owens


  • Presents a very up-to date and readable summary of our current understanding of the importance of life before birth, from conception to delivery, and in infancy and childhood, on the subsequent health of the person

  • The authors are among the world experts in the areas covered

  • Presents critical analysis of experimental paradigms and methodologies and the authors define, for all types of data collection/experimentation, the methods that should be used as ‘world’s best practice’

  • Contains chapter summaries and detailed illustrations


Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 573)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. The Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

    1. Petter D. Gluckman, Mark A. Hanson
      Pages 1-7
  3. Should we intervene to improve fetal growth?

  4. Growth and development of human twins

    1. Ruth Morley, Terence Dwyer, John B. Carlin
      Pages 29-40
  5. Practice-induced plasticity in the human motor cortex

    1. Julia B. Pitcher, David J. Henderson-Smart, Jeffrey S. Robinson
      Pages 41-57
  6. Adaptive Responses of Early Embryos to Their Microenvironment and Consequences for Post-Implantation Development

  7. Modification of Epigenetic State through Dietary Manipulation in the Developing Mammalian Embryo

  8. Overview of epigenetic mechanisms

  9. Nutritional programming and the development of hypertension

    1. Simon C. Langley-Evans, Leanne Bellinger, Dean Sculley, Alison Langley-Evans, Sarah McMullen
      Pages 87-102
  10. Hypertension in pregnant women

    1. Kate M. Denton, Michelle M. Kett, Miodrag Dodic
      Pages 103-120
  11. Developmental Programming of Cardiovascular Dysfunction

    1. Lucilla Poston, James A. Armitage, Paul D. Taylor
      Pages 121-129
  12. Kidney Development and Fetal Programming

    1. Karen M. Moritz, Luise A. Cullen-McEwen
      Pages 130-144
  13. Programming of Obesity—Experimental Evidence

    1. Bernhard H. Breier, Stefan O. Krechowec, Mark H. Vickers
      Pages 145-156
  14. Placental delivery of amino acids. Utilization and production vs. transport

    1. Kathryn L. Gatford, Miles J. De Blasio, Miodrag Dodic, Dane M. Horton, Karen L. Kind
      Pages 157-176
  15. Programming Effects of Excess Glucocorticoid Exposure in Late Gestation

    1. Timothy J. M. Moss, Deborah M. Sloboda
      Pages 177-186
  16. Emerging Frontiers

    1. Jeff Schwartz, Luke C. Carey
      Pages 187-194
    2. Marianne Tare, Helena C. Parkington, Ruth Morley
      Pages 195-203
    3. Laura Bennet, Alistair J. Gunn
      Pages 204-218
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 225-228

About this book


Early Life Origins of Health and Disease is a new book which presents and discusses the many factors that may have impact on normal development. In a concise and readable manner, the authors consider both the proven and suggestive evidence that the high prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and, in some populations, kidney disease, may not be all due to genetics or adult environment alone. There is good evidence that stress and more subtle dietary deficiencies, as well as placental malfunction, may increase the risk that the offspring will develop these problems in later life. Finally, new and emerging evidence for other areas of human health and disease such a motor control and mental health is critically reviewed for the first time. The book is a ‘must’ for all scientists interested in researching these areas, as there is a critical evaluation of the methodology used and suggestions for the ‘optimal’ way in which to investigate these phenomena.


Diabetes Imprinting amino acids development embryo genetics growth health implantation nutrition obesity placenta pregnancy stress

Editors and affiliations

  • E. Marelyn Wintour
    • 1
  • Julie A. Owens
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of PhysiologyMonash UniversityClaytonAustralia
  2. 2.Department of Obstetrics and GynaecologyUniversity of AdelaideAdelaide

About the editors

Professor Owens is an internationally recognized researcher in developmental physiology and endocrinology and in the early life programming of adult health and disease, diabetes and obesity in particular. She has published over 140 research papers, reviews and book chapters. She has been invited to present numerous plenary lectures or symposia at international or national conferences, and to convene and chair international symposia and plenary sessions at the First, Second and Third World Congresses for the Developmental Origins of Adult Health and Disease (previously Fetal Origins of Adult Disease). She was awarded the McCance Medal for outstanding contributions to perinatal research.

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