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Global Optimization

Scientific and Engineering Case Studies

  • János D. Pintér
  • Covers a wide range of practical applications and solution methods, which is rather unique in the GO literature


Part of the Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications book series (NOIA, volume 85)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. L. E. K. Achenie, G. M. Ostrovsky, M. Sinha
    Pages 1-31
  3. David L. J. Alexander, Patrick C. H. Morel, Graham R. Wood
    Pages 33-43
  4. Valentin Samko, Stephen Hurley, Stuart Allen, Roger Whitaker
    Pages 45-72
  5. Aqil M. Azmi, Richard H. Byrd, Elizabeth Eskow, Robert B. Schnabel
    Pages 73-102
  6. Glenn Isenor, János D. Pintér, Michael Cada
    Pages 181-212
  7. Carlile Lavor, Leo Liberti, Nelson Maculan
    Pages 213-225
  8. Saverio Liberatore, Giovanni M. Sechi, Paola Zuddas
    Pages 227-242
  9. Osyczka Andrzej, Krenich Stanislaw
    Pages 267-300
  10. Ozcan Ozturk, Peter C. Doerschuk, Saul B. Gelfand
    Pages 301-329
  11. Chandra Sekhar Pedamallu, Linet Ozdamar
    Pages 331-360
  12. V. P. Plagianakos, G. D. Magoulas, M. N. Vrahatis
    Pages 361-388
  13. B. Rekiek, P. De Lit, A. Delchambre
    Pages 389-411
  14. Ralf Seppelt
    Pages 413-439
  15. Yaroslav D. Sergeyev
    Pages 441-460
  16. Tervo J., Kolmonen P., Pintér J. D., Lyyra-Laitinen T.
    Pages 461-485

About this book


Optimization models based on a nonlinear systems description often possess multiple local optima. The objective of global optimization (GO) is to find the best possible solution of multiextremal problems. Global Optimization: Selected Case Studies illustrates the applicability of GO modeling techniques and solution strategies to real-world problems.

The contributed chapters cover a broad range of applications from agroecosystem management, assembly line design, bioinformatics, biophysics, black box systems optimization, cellular mobile network design, chemical process optimization, chemical product design, composite structure design, computational modeling of atomic and molecular structures, controller design for induction motors, electrical engineering design, feeding strategies in animal husbandry, the inverse position problem in kinematics, laser design, learning in neural nets, mechanical engineering design, numerical solution of equations, radiotherapy planning, robot design, and satellite data analysis. The solution strategies discussed encompass a range of practically viable methods, including both theoretically rigorous and heuristic approaches.


This book is intended for researchers and practitioners in academia, research and consulting organizations, and industry.


Analysis algorithm algorithms artificial neural network bioinformatics data analysis electrical engineering evolutionary algorithm kinematics linear optimization mechanical engineering modeling optimization process optimization robot

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  • János D. Pintér
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  1. 1.Pintér Consulting Services Inc.HalifaxCanada

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From the reviews:

"The general subject of global optimization deals with finding the overall minimum of a nonlinear, non-convex objective function, subject to nonlinear, non-convex equality and inequality constraints … . This collection should thus be of use to researchers in algorithms and theory of global optimization, especially those involved in consulting or on teams dealing with practical models. … The collection should also be of use to researchers in particular applications and other consumers of optimization results … ." (Ralph Baker Kearfott, Journal of Global Optimization, Vol. 38, 2007)