Forest Restoration in Landscapes

Beyond Planting Trees

  • Stephanie Mansourian
  • Daniel Vallauri
  • Nigel Dudley

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxviii
  2. Toward a Wider Perspective in Forest Restoration

    1. Nigel Dudley, Stephanie Mansourian, Daniel Vallauri
      Pages 3-7
    2. Stephanie Mansourian
      Pages 8-13
    3. Jennifer Biringer, Lara J. Hansen
      Pages 31-37
    4. John Morrison, Jeffrey Sayer, Colby Loucks
      Pages 41-50
    5. Nigel Dudley, John Morrison, James Aronson, Stephanie Mansourian
      Pages 51-58
  3. Key Preparatory Steps Toward Restoring Forests Within a Landscape Context

    1. Daniel Vallauri, James Aronson, Nigel Dudley
      Pages 65-70
    2. Kirsten Schuyt
      Pages 78-83
    3. Gonzalo Oviedo
      Pages 84-93
    4. Scott Jones, Nigel Dudley
      Pages 126-135
    5. Sheila O’Connor, Nick Salafsky, Dan Salzer
      Pages 145-149
    6. Daniel Vallauri, James Aronson, Nigel Dudley, Ramon Vallejo
      Pages 150-158
  4. Implementing Forest Restoration

    1. Lawrence R. Walker
      Pages 192-196
    2. Nigel Dudley
      Pages 208-214
    3. Nigel Dudley, Sue Stolton
      Pages 228-232
    4. Gladwin Joseph, Stephanie Mansourian
      Pages 233-238
    5. Stephanie Mansourian, David Lamb, Don Gilmour
      Pages 241-249
    6. Silvia Holz, Guillermo Placci
      Pages 250-256
    7. Steve Whisenant
      Pages 257-261
    8. Florencia Montagnini
      Pages 262-268
    9. Eduard Plana, Rufí Cerdan, Marc Castellnou
      Pages 269-273
  5. Addressing Specific Aspects of Forest Restoration

    1. James Aronson, Daniel Vallauri, Tanguy Jaffré, Porter P. Lowry II
      Pages 285-290
    2. Manuel R. Guariguata
      Pages 298-305
    3. Simon Dufour, Hervé Piégay
      Pages 306-312
    4. Ramon Vallejo
      Pages 313-319
    5. Adrian Newton, Alan Watson Featherstone
      Pages 320-328
    6. Peter Moore
      Pages 331-338
    7. Daniel Vallauri
      Pages 339-344

About this book


The importance of restoration continues to grow, and this book integrates the restoration of forest functions into landscape conservation plans. The global conservation organization WWF has made forest landscape restoration a key topic and priority for its environmental work.  Due to the WWF’s extensive global reach, and together with its many partners and counterparts, it has acquired a significant level of experience on the topic of forest restoration at large scales. This book represents the collective body of knowledge and experience of WWF and its many partners--which is collected here for the first time and which will be invaluable to all of those working in the field.  This guide will serve as a first stop for practitioners and researchers in any organization or region and as a key reference on the subject.  Along with concise, practical information for a variety of specific systems and issues, it gives many suggestions for further research.

From the Foreword by Chief Anyaoku, President, WWF International:

"Is it a sign of the times that the Nobel committee chose to award the Nobel Peace prize to Wangari Maathai for having planted 30 million trees?  We believe so. . . .The 21st Century will be a time of forest restoration."


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  • Stephanie Mansourian
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  • Daniel Vallauri
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  • Nigel Dudley
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  1. 1.WWF InternationalGlandSwitzerland
  2. 2.WWF FranceMarseilleFrance
  3. 3.EquilibriumUK

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