Pests of Stored Foodstuffs and Their Control

  • Dennis S. Hill

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About this book


This book is intended to serve as an introduction to the pests of stored foodstuffs of all types on a worldwide basis, and as a broad reference text. It is aimed at being complementary to the more detailed and more specific texts that are listed in the References. It does presuppose an adequate basic knowledge of entomology and zoology in the user. The stored products mentioned in the text are commercial products in the widest sense, including all types of plant and animal materials in addition to grain and prepared foodstuffs. Storage is viewed very broadly, from one day on a shelf to several years in a silo, or refrigerated store at -20°C. In many publications the produce surveyed has been restricted to stored grains, because of their obvious importance to human society, and because of the great quantities involved. For many different materials, of both plant and animal origin, there is a shortage of specific information, but it is to be hoped that this situation will gradually be rectified. It should be clearly understood that any reference to animal pests is made in the strict zoological sense, and refers to any members of the Kingdom Animalia. There is a regrettable tendency in some circles to use the term ‘animal’ as being synonymous with ‘mammal’ – a habit to be deplored! There is definite emphasis on animal pests in this text, but micro-organisms are included where relevant.


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