Nitrogen Fixation: From Molecules to Crop Productivity

  • Fabio O. Pedrosa
  • Mariangela Hungria
  • Geoffrey Yates
  • William E. Newton

Part of the Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture book series (PSBA, volume 38)

Table of contents

  1. Regulation of Nitrogen Fixation and Assimilation

    1. Lourdes Girard, Susana Brom, M. Soberon, David Romero
      Pages 117-117
    2. G. Klassen, F. O. Pedrosa, E. M. Souza, M. G. Yates, L. U. Rigo
      Pages 118-118
    3. L. M. Araújo, M. S. Araujo, L. S. Chubatsu, E. M. Souza, E. M. Benelli, L. U. Rigo et al.
      Pages 119-119
    4. A. C. P. Milhomem, J. L. Ribeiro, C. Kennedy, J. I. Baldani, K. R. S. Teixeira
      Pages 120-120
    5. Dietmar Meletzus, Christina Bade-Döding, Alexander Reth
      Pages 123-123
    6. Passaglia L. M. P., Van Soom Carolyn, Schrank A., Schrank I. S.
      Pages 124-124
    7. F. G. M. Rego, F. O. Pedrosa, L. S. Ghubatsu, M. G. Yates, M. B. R. Steffens, L. U. Rigo et al.
      Pages 125-125
    8. D. C. Persuhn, E. M. Souza, F. O. Pedrosa, M. B. R. Steffens, A. L. Twerdochlib, L. U. Rigo
      Pages 126-126
    9. L. F. Huergo, L. Noindorf, E. M. Souza, M. B. R. Steffens, M. G. Yates, F. O. Pedrosa et al.
      Pages 127-127
    10. A. C. Bonatto, E. M. Souza, F. O. Pedrosa, L. S. Chubatsu, E. M. Benelli
      Pages 128-128
    11. J. C. Vitorino, M. B. R. Steffens, E. M. Souza, M. G. Yates, H. B. Machado, A. Tarzia et al.
      Pages 130-130
    12. María-Trinidad Gallegos, Wendy V. Cannon, Martin Buck
      Pages 131-131
    13. Nicole Desnoues, Min Lin, Luyan Ma, Xianwu Guo, Ricardo Carreño-Lopez, Claudine Elmerich
      Pages 132-132
    14. R. Wassem, F. O. Pedrosa, M. Buck, M. G. Yates, L. U. Rigo, E. M. Souza
      Pages 135-135
    15. M. I. Lopes Cardoso, H. Carvalho, L. Lima, P. Melo, R. Salema, J. Cullimore
      Pages 136-136
    16. Olena Perlova, Alejandro Ureta, Stefan Nordlund, Dietmar Meletzus
      Pages 137-137
    17. I. M. P. Machado, H. B. Machado, M. G. Yates, F. O. Pedrosa
      Pages 138-138
    18. Francisca Reyes-Ramirez, Richard Little, Wally van Heeswijk, Ray Dixon
      Pages 139-139
    19. B. Dombrecht, J. Michiels, J. Vanderleyden
      Pages 140-140
    20. Werner Klipp, Thomas Drepper, Silke Gro/sB, Bernd Masepohl, Karsten Raabe, Kai-Uwe Riedel et al.
      Pages 141-142
    21. E. Giraud, L. Hannibal, C. Chaintreuil, J. Lorquin, F. Molouba, S. Mylovsky et al.
      Pages 145-146
    22. Hermann Bothe, Gudrun Boison, Oliver Schmitz
      Pages 147-148
    23. Ho-Sung Yoon, James W. Golden
      Pages 149-149
    24. Hermann Bothe
      Pages 150-150
  2. Taxonomy and Evolution of Diazotrophs

    1. J. Peter, W. Young
      Pages 153-154
    2. E. Martínez-Romero, J. Caballero-Mellado, B. Gándara, M. A. Rogel, A. Lopez Merino, E. T. Wang et al.
      Pages 155-160
    3. Peter van Berkum, Jeffry J. Fuhrmann, Bertrand D. Eardly
      Pages 165-169
    4. U. Rasmussen, M. M. Svenning
      Pages 171-175
    5. Renato Fani, Silvia Casadei, Pietro Lio
      Pages 177-178
    6. Rodriguez-Navarro D. N., Bellogin R., Buendia A. M., Camacho M., Cubo T., Chueire L. M. O. et al.
      Pages 183-184
    7. L. E. Fuentes-Ramírez, E. Martínez-Romero, A. Tapia-Hernández, R. Bustillos-Cristales, A. Rogel-Hernández, E.-T. Wang et al.
      Pages 185-186
    8. O. Mario Aguilar, María Verónica López
      Pages 187-188
    9. Fulchieri M., L. Oliva, S. Fancelli, M. Bazzicalupo
      Pages 189-189
    10. C. Mateos, R. B. Gómez, C. García-Trigueros, L. M. O. Chueire, Y. Lamrabet, M. Hungria et al.
      Pages 191-191
    11. Mariangela Hungria, Milton A. T. Vargas, Lúcia H. Boddey, Márcia A. Santos
      Pages 194-194
    12. N. Teaumroong, K. Teamtaisong, A. Nantagij, P. Wadisirisuk, S. Kotepong, N. Boonkerd
      Pages 196-196
    13. F. M. S. Moreira, Y. Carvalho, M. Gonçalves, K. Haukka, P. J. W. Young, S. M. Faria et al.
      Pages 197-197

About this book


The 12th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation was held in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná State, Brazil, from the 12th to 17th of September, 1999. This volume constitutes the proceedings of this Congress and represents a compilation of the presentations by scientists from 38 countries who came to discuss the progress made, to exchange views and to collaborate. Since the first meeting in Pullman, Washington, USA, in 1974, this series of Congresses has been held three times in the United States, four times in Western Europe, in Australia, Mexico and Russia, and now for the first time in South America. Brazil was a most appropriate choice because Brazilian agriculture is especially dependent on biological nitrogenfixation. An important example is the soybean crop. The 30 million metric tons of grain produced each year relies solely on symbiotic nitrogen fixation. N-fertilizers are expensive in Brazil and, in the absence of the biological process, this crop would require 4-5 M tonnes of N at an annual cost of almost 1 billion dollars. Crop rotation, soil reclamation, forestry, forage mixed cropping, intercropping with grasses and legumes, associative nitrogen fixation with non-legume crops, such as sugarcane, and other agricultural practices in Brazil are also dependent on biological nitrogen fixation. The Brazilian experience with biological nitrogen fixation is a paradigm to be followed by all countries where nitrogen fertiliser is expensive or where present day environmental concerns demand a feasible, efficient and inexpensive alternative to chemical N-fertilizers.


ATP Assimilat Expression Glutamin Nucleotide Proteobacteria biochemistry gene expression metabolism microbe nitrogen proteins reductase transcription

Editors and affiliations

  • Fabio O. Pedrosa
    • 1
  • Mariangela Hungria
    • 2
  • Geoffrey Yates
    • 1
  • William E. Newton
    • 3
  1. 1.Departamento de BioquímicaUniversidade Federal do ParanáCuritiba, ParanáBrazil
  2. 2.Embrapa SojaLondrina, PRBrazil
  3. 3.Department of BiochemistryVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityBlacksburgUSA

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