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Walden Fellowship Behavioral Workshops: Member Self-Education and Community Building

  • Mark A. MattainiEmail author
  • Gladys Williams


Once a month, Walden Fellowship conducts open workshops for members and other interested persons. Each workshop focuses on existing and potential applications of the science of behavior to a specific topic, ranging from self-management to community organizing. The goals of the workshops are the provision of mutual education with a particular emphasis on practical skills, the development of a verbal community, and ultimately the strengthening of a cultural entity rooted in the science of behavior and mutual reinforcement. In this paper we discuss the format of the workshops, their history, and social validation data for the first two years.

Key Words

Cultural design Walden Two cultural practices 


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  1. 1.Columbia University School of Social Work & Walden Fellowship, Inc.New YorkUSA
  2. 2.Applied Behavioral Consultant Services & Walden Fellowship, Inc.USA

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