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Fabrication of ZnO Nanosheets by Chemical Annealing of Pre-Synthesized Zn Sheets

  • Jong-Hwan YoonEmail author


In this work, zinc oxide (ZnO) nanosheets were fabricated by chemically annealing pre-synthesized Zn sheets by exposing them to an oxygen plasma at low temperatures. The resulting ZnO nanosheets were found to have a wurtzite hexagonal structure similar to that of the pre-synthesized Zn sheets. Moreover, they exhibited growth characteristics along the [101] preferred direction, a Raman peak located around 590 cm−1, and photoluminescence spectra with peaks at approximately 380 nm and 500 nm. The results show that ZnO nanosheets can be obtained by oxidizing Zn sheets via a self-catalyzed vapor-solid mechanism.


Zinc oxide nanosheets Zinc sheets Oxygen plasma Vapor-solid mechanism 


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsKangwon National UniversityChuncheonKorea

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