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Electromagnetically-induced Transparency in Metamaterials for the Potential Applications

  • J. S. Hwang
  • B. S. Tung
  • Y. P. LeeEmail author
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Metamaterial (MM) is artificial material in which an unit cell, having a size much smaller than the wavelength of external electromagnetic (EM) wave, is periodically arranged. This MM offers a new tool that can significantly improve the effectiveness of absorber and the sensitivity of sensor through its powerful localization and field enhancement. This review presents recent the potential applications of electromagnetically-induced transparency (EIT) and absorption (EIA) phenomena in MM-based absorber and MM-based sensors, and summarizes the sensitivity differences from the existing sensors. These phenomena provide a high-performance platform for a variety of sensors with easy adjustment of the EM response, and can produce effective narrow- or multi-band absorption.


Electromagnetically-induced transparency and absorption Metamaterial Absorber Sensor 


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