Correction to: Gradient and categorical patterns of spoken-word recognition and processing of phonetic details

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  • Tania S. Zamuner

Correction to: Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

The Publisher regrets that, due to a typesetting mistake, it has now become necessary to make the following corrections:

All phonetic transcriptions (between square brackets and slashes) should be corrected and displayed as follows, in the same font:

Page 2, left column

pain [pɛ̃] “bread”

peigne realized [pɛɲ] or [pɛ̃ɲ] “comb”

• e.g., grand-mère [ɡʁãmɛʁ] “grandmother,” as opposed to grammaire [ɡʁamɛʁ] “grammar”

Page 2, right column

• (e.g., peigne realized [pɛ̃ɲ]) and contrastive nasal vowels (e.g., pain realized [pɛ̃]).

Page 3, left column

pain (/pɛ̃/ “bread”) and paix (/pɛ/ “peace”)

• /ɛ̃, ã, ɔ̃, œ̃/

• if the vowel in pain [pɛ̃] “bread” is produced with an excrescent nasal appendix (i.e., [pɛ̃ ɲ]), it could be confused with the word peigne ([pɛɲ] “comb”)

Page 3, right column

• (i.e., a part or the entirety of the vowel in pain [pɛ̃] “bread”) onto vowels that can be coarticulatorily nasalized (i.e., peigne [pɛɲ] “comb”)

Page 4, right column

• midfront [ɛ–ɛ̃], three contained low [a–ã], and three contained midback [ɔ–ɔ̃]. Note that the vowels [œ–œ̃]

Page 5, Table 1 – Please correct all transcriptions (same font across the table, tilde above the correct character in the IPA columns)
Table 1

List of minimal pairs (and fully oral word) that were used as auditory and visual referents

Contrastive Ṽ word


Coarticulated VN word


Fully oral vowel word


bain ‘bathtub’


beigne ‘donut’


bec ‘beak’


pain ‘bread’


peigne ‘comb’


pêche ‘peach’


vin ‘wine’


veine ‘vein’


verre ‘glass’


camp ‘campsite’


canne ‘cane’


cave ‘basement’


dent ‘tooth’


dame ‘lady’


datte ‘date (fruit)’


gant ‘glove’


gamme ‘musical scale’


gare ‘bus/train station’


pont ‘bridge’


pomme ‘apple’


porc ‘pork’


rond ‘circle’


rhum ‘rum’


robe ‘dress’


thon ‘tuna’


tonne ‘ton’


torse ‘torso’


Page 6, left column

• For example, CṼ pain (“bread” [pɛ̃]), CVN peigne (“comb” [pɛɲ]), CVC pêche (“peach” [pɛʃ]) and filler pluie (“rain” [plɥi]; see Fig. 2)

• Fig. 2 caption: (pain “bread” [pɛ̃]), one from the CVN condition (peigne “comb” [pɛɲ]), one from the CVC condition (pêche “peach” [pɛʃ]), and lastly there was one filler image (e.g., pluie “rain” [plɥi])

Page 8, right column

• Correct “appendixS2” for “appendix”

All instances of the word “appendix” with no capital letter refer to the Appendix section in blue, while it is a technical word that should not refer to a section.

The references to the actual Appendix section are on Page 5 “Table 3 of the Appendix”, Page 8 “Table 4 of the Appendix”, “Table 5 and Table 6, respectively, in the Appendix”, Page 12, left column “Table 7 of the Appendix”, “Table 8 and Table 9, respectively, in the Appendix”. All other instances of the word “appendix” should be in black.

The original article has been corrected.


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