Monitoring the Ultrasound Parameters of High-Density-Connection Microwelding Systems

  • I. B. PetukhovEmail author


Techniques for the automated control of the amplitude and impedance of ultrasonic microwelding systems are presented as contactless methods for detecting a laser beam reflected from a moving surface. Thich makes it possible to optimally coordinate the image elements of ultrasonic systems in the frequency range of 50–120 kHz and ensure high quality and reproducibility of the properties of high-density microwelded connections (with a step up to 90 μm). These techniques are applicable for both real-time and periodic diagnostics of ultrasonic microwelding systems of the equipment for connecting terminals, because as they do not require labour-consuming disassembly of the microwelding head or the use of bench equipment.


ultrasonic systems microwelding high-density connections 


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