Effects of Large-scale Atmospheric Oscillations on Hydrometeorological Conditions in the Danube River Basin in Winter


The interannual and interdecadal distributions of the indices of large-scale atmospheric oscillations and the anomalies of precipitation and surface air temperature in the Danube River basin in winter during 1950–2010 are considered. The number of winters with positive and negative precipitation and air temperature anomalies observed during various combinations of the positive and negative phases of the North Atlantic and East Atlantic oscillations is determined. The influence of the North Atlantic and East Atlantic oscillations in various combinations of their phases on the variability of precipitation and air temperature anomalies in the winter months is estimated. The estimation is based on the calculated pair and multiple coefficients of correlation between the indices of atmospheric oscillations and precipitation and air temperature anomalies.

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  • Indices of large-scale atmospheric oscillations
  • Precipitation
  • Air temperature
  • Anomaly
  • Correlation
  • Danube River basin