A Method for Calculating a Cylindrical Linear Valve Motor


A method for calculating a cylindrical linear valve motor is proposed. The method is divided into formalized successive stages. Within this method, the electromagnetic field distribution in the motor along all three spatial coordinates is taken into account. The main purpose of creating the method is to reduce the calculation time. This is achieved by reducing the three-dimensional formulation of the problem of the motor electromagnetic field to the two-dimensional formulation. The calculation accuracy is improved as compared to similar axisymmetric problems by considering the electromagnetic field distortion due to the angular coordinate. The calculation method allows reducing the time of motor calculation and achieves acceptable accuracy.

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The study was carried out within the framework of a governmental project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, project no. FSNM-2020-0028.

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  • linear motor
  • permanent magnets
  • electromagnetic calculation
  • characteristics